The Atlantean Symbolism of the Egyptian Temple - 1. Atlantis

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    We note that the design of this first section exactly corresponds to the hieroglyph of P'R with which are written the names of Pharaoh, of the Book of the Dead and of the naos (or per or shrine) of the Solar Barques of the Egyptian temples.

    Said otherwise, the hieroglyph of the name of P'R-AA variously represents the Solar Boat itself, its shrine or cabin, the Barger and the Gate of Paradise that is to be crossed by the deceased in his role of Pharaoh, as an alias of Osiris. All these imply an idea of "crossing", "coming forth", that is, of "coming forth to Light", into Paradise, the Realm of Light where the Sun indeed resides and from where he starts his daily journey. The name of P'R-AA is indeed written in hieroglyphs as two Aat symbols connected by the Cow's Belly that represents the Sky (the belly of Nut). The message is crystal clear and unequivocal: "the Gates of Paradise are linked across the Skies by Pharaoh, the Celestial Barger".

    In still other words, the Book of Coming Forth (or Crossing) to Light is the recipe for successfully crossing into Paradise, that is no other than Peru or Meru, another name of Punt or Indonesia. And the Egyptian temple is, again, just a replica of Atlantis as the site of Paradise, with its sacred pools, its thick forests, its pylons and divisions and, above all its Solar Boat that garantees the safe crossing into that difficult region, in the company of the gods, who grant the grace of such safety in crossing the perilous ocean that leads into the netherword, that of sunken Paradise (Atlantis).

    The Great Virgin Mother and Her Wondrous Son

    The Sanctuary (or Holy of Holies) that followed the Hypostyle Hall has a very precise ritual function that has not been properly explained so far. The Open Court, fully exposed to the light of the sun, represents the present era. The intermediate, partly exposed Hypostyle Hall represented, as we just saw, the sunken realm of Atlantis. So, what can the third, holiest but darkest of all three sections of the temple indeed represent?

    As a matter of fact, there were two Atlantises or, more exactly, what the Occultists call Atlantis and Lemuria. Lemuria (or Mu) is the Great Mother, "virgin" because it engendered itself without the help of a male, that is of external insemination by other civilizations such as is the case with all civilizations we know of. Atlantis itself was engendered by the Great Mother, of whom it was a colony. So, Atlantis is the Son, the wonderful Son of God who grew up to be far greater than the Great Mother, herself a formidable, universal empire.

    It is from allegories such as this that the myth of the Great Virgin Mother who engenders the wonderful Son of God, who later becomes her lover and husband, in an affair as confused as that of Brahma and Ushas; Orion and Dawn; Atlas and the Atlantides; Oedipus and Jocasta; and many others we could quote further.

    The Secret History of Mankind Embedded in Myths of Paradise

    It is now possible to reconstitute the secret history of Mankind so masterfully illustrated by the Egyptian temple. Humanity was born in Punt (Indonesia), where the two original races of Man represented by Adam and Eve first sprung to life. Adam, the Red, eventually mingled with Eve ("the Great Mother" = Ava), and engendered the third race.

    The race of Adam was that of the Chamites (or "Reds"), the sons of God. The one of Eve was that of the Aryans (or "Whites"), the Peoples of the Goddess. The third race was the one of the Semites, the hybrids of the first two. This is the marriage of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men mentioned in Genesis 6 as the actual cause of the Flood and of the destruction of Atlantis-Paradise. But, not impossibly, the ruddy races of Adam were the Cro-Magnons, the one of Eve were the Neandertals and the third one were us, their hybrid sons. Only further ethno-genetic research will be able to tell with certainty if this ancient tradition is really true, as we believe it is. Would our wise ancestors go to such a trouble just to tell us, their children, a lie?

    This mingling the Original Sin resulted in the uncontrolled breeding and the consequent overpopulation of the earth which can only lead to famine, war and, finally, the destruction of the earth and the end of the Atlantean era, just as is apparently happening nowadays. In other words, the Bible is indeed right. But its correctness works at a far deeper level than is usually presumed, one so fantastically real that not even the hardiest of zealots ever dared to dream.

    The Egyptians embodied, in their eschatological rituals the ones sacralized in their wonderful temples and their spells of the Book of the Dead the very history of Atlantis in every detail. Moreover, they clearly identified Atlantis with Paradise, and even gave the recipe of the wonderful news: the one that we can indeed be saved by divine grace and return to our Lost Paradise in the company of the gods, by being identified with Osiris and Pharaoh. Indeed a beautiful message, the same one as that of the Gospels, the evangel we somehow distorted into a purely spiritual alias, the one of the never-never-land of Heaven.

    We know that many of our assertions above will seem vaunted and ill-founded to many of our dear readers. But they are the fruit of many years of research, and are founded upon strictly scientific arguments that cannot be given here in full. The reader interested in further details is invited to read Part II of this essay, below, where the symbolism of the Egyptian temple is compared to the one of other nations and different religions. Better yet, he is invited to read our books on Alchemy, on Atlantis, and on related matters. We recognize the fact that most if not all doctrines herein expounded are not only difficult to follow, let alone believe. But they are the Truth, and nothing but the Truth, just as Plato repeatedly affirmed. When the Light the Light that radiates from the Primordial Cave is too much, it can be obfuscating. But light can only blind the bats and other such nocturnal vermin.

    1 The word hypostyle comes from the Greek hypos ("under") and stylos ("pillar"). The term means a room with pillars that support the roof (usually heavy and having an upper structure above it) from below. As we shall see, this peculiar structure has a most direct connection with Atlantis. In many places such as Dendera and Kom Ombo, the temple is fully hypostyle and subterranean, and the city is built directly above the roof.

    2 Actually, in contrast to the modern religions such as Christianism, the Hades (or "Hell") of the ancients was very pleasurable and, indeed, a sort of idyllic Paradise where the dead spent their time in endless hunts and banquets. Clearly, this "Celestial Egypt" was Punt, the Realm of the Dead and the Land of the Gods.

    Punt was indeed the First Egypt whence the Egyptians originally came when the region sunk underground, forcing them to leave. As we shall see, this underground Egypt is no other than sunken Atlantis, characterized by its sturdy, world-supporting pillars and its many palm-trees and papyrus covered marshes.

    3 Certain Gnostic gospels explicitly identify the Holy Ghost as the Mother of Christ, the Celestial counterpart of the terrestrial Virgin Mary. And the role of Gabriel - whose name means something like "God's Male" - at the Annunciation (Luke I:26-38) is far from clear. Sex changes of Celestial beings are rather frequent, gods and angels being indeed androgynous in character.

    4 The walls of Atlantis were plated with bronze, tin and orichalc, according to the texts of Plato. Obviously, the Egyptians were unable to embody this costly feature on their walls. Many ancient traditions (Hesiod, Theog. 723; Virgil, Aen. 540, etc.) tell how the walls of Tartarus, the realm of Hades, were triple and bronzy, being garnished with a lofty defense tower at the front gate. Hades (or Tartarus) is, indeed, an allegory of sunken Atlantis, turned infernal after the cataclysm that devastated it.

    As is clear, it is hard not to see that the Egyptian temples, with their triple walls and lofty towers, were indeed an imitation of Atlantis, whose features they paralled very closely. The descriptions of the Duat or Amenti the Egyptian equivalent of the Elysium or Islands of the Blest, with its towers, walls and pylons, its well-watered gardens, and its canals and districts that one can read about in the Book of the Dead, are too perfect a replica of Atlantis to allow any doubts about its identification with the sunken continent. It is not conceivable, then, that the Egyptians were merely inventing a legend when they told the story of Atlantis and its demise to Solon, through whom it reached Plato.

    5 It seems that the legendary Karibus (or Cherubs) that guarded the Gates of Paradise in all mythologies were a personification of the barbaric custom. Indeed, the word karibu ultimately derives from the Dravidian karippu ("skewer", "spit"), related to the Greek kharax, the Sanskrit khara, and several other bases meaning more or less the same. Many legends tell of the habit of the Guardians of Paradise skewering their victims as a punishment for trespassing. One such is the tradition on Cerberus, the guardian dog of Hades that had the bad habit of thus "caressing" trespassers in the infernal realms he guarded.

    6 The name of Java (or Yava, etc.) also applied to Sumatra, its twin, from which it became separated by the colossal explosion that razed Atlantis, built right on top its volcano, the Krakatoa. The ancients had a fatal attraction for volcanoes, which bring abundance at a price, due to the fertilization of the soil effected by their ashes. It is clear that the legendary Ophir where King Solomon and Hiram of Tyre fetched their wood could not have been the desertic Lebanon. Otherwise, they would have sailed from the Mediterranean Sea, and not from the Red Sea (Ezion Geber) as they did. So did the Egyptians, by the way, as we read in their annals.

    7 In Egyptian, the t ending marks the feminine, so that the original name must be Puani (or Poani). The Phoenicians were called Puni, Punici, Poeni by the Romans, visibly the same name as Poanit or Puanit, except for the feminine ending. It is known that, originally, the Phoenicians came from beyond the ocean (Indian), which they crossed when their original birthplace was destroyed, settling in the Near East. As we argue elsewhere, the Phoenicians really came from the Primordial Phoenicia that is indeed Punt/Indonesia. So did the Egyptians and, also, the Aryans, the Jews, and many other ancient nations as well.

    In Greek, the word phoinix ("phoenix") means "palm-tree", so that the primordial Phoenicia was "the Land of the Palm Trees". Indonesia is really the Land of the Palm-trees and, particularly, of the most useful of them all, the coconut palm. According to Egyptian legends, the Phoenix bird, the "soul" of Phoenicia, came to Heliopolis from beyond the ocean (Indian), from Punt (the Island of Fire) every time an era ended. This was a direct recollection of the primordial migration we just discussed. These Proto-Phoenicians are, as we show elsewhere, the pre-Dynastic Gerzeans, well-known from the archeological records of the Nagada cemeteries in Upper Egypt.

    Copyright © 1997 Arysio Nunes dos Santos

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    White LIES. Adam came from the rich black soil of Africa, so we know he was BLACK. Eve came from Adam, so we know she was BLACK. The white race is a curse (see Leviticus). They were albinos (blonde-haird blue-eyed degenerates) born of africans parents. Stop telling your LIES. The ancients knew white men would steal our rich history so they ENGRAVED the TRUTH in STONE and GRANITE--on the walls in Kemet (Egypt) and Kush (Ethiopia). It pays to be ignorant!

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