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    This article is not related to "Mars Life", but it'll be here until I create an additional category for it.

    This decade I have been interested in online/virtual gambling from online casinos to online virtual games like "MUD". Well, what are the Best Virtual Gambling sites available on the net ? My answer - You can't find Virtual games/gambling better than real life.. Yep! drop the hate, forgive each other, forget about gambling in virtuality and play real life game - the only "virtual" game you can actually win ;)

    But .. If you are REALLY interested in virtual gambling, then you can start reading this virtual/online gambling page from the begining.


    Genry Joil

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    poker, 11/08:
    Virtual gambling online is excellent way to loose money fast :)

    gamer, 14/01:
    I am absolutely agree with you!

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