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    Egyptian Dynasties

    Egypt lies in northeast Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea. Around 3000 BC, Egypt emerged from the twilight of prehistory as one country, united under the single rule of a divine king. Before that, it is generally assumed that the country was divided in two parts: the North or Lower-Egypt or the Nile-Delta, and the South, between the Delta and the first cataract, Upper-Egypt.

    The king is portrayed wearing the royal nemes headcloth, the royal beard and the double crown, symbolizing his rule over Upper and Lower Egypt. The royal uraeus on his forehead protects him against all evil. His mission is to united the Lands of Egypt and bring spiritual unity to the people. The pharaohs worshipped the gods.

    Most of the Pharaohs were men. In the 18th Dynasty Queen Hatshesut came into power, and again at the end of the 19th Dynasty, Queen Tausert ruled Egypt for two years.

    The exact lineage of the pharaohs in many cases, remains unknown. Most married within their families to keep the bloodlines pure. Often a pharaoh might his daughter. Siblings would marry. Pharaohs had many wives and many concubines. There generally was a main wife.

    Pharaohs came to rule at very young ages. Many were murdered, their exact fates unknown.

    Their favorite pastime - from the time they ascended the throne - was the building of huge burial monuments or pyramids - some of which are found in the valley of the Kings on the West bank of the Nile. Monuments have been ransacked for leaving many empty - the remains of those supposedly buried within, a mystery.

    In the Late Kingdom, chaos ruled, and Egypt fell to the Persians who remained in power until the Greco-Roman Period. This was the time of the Macedonian Kings and the Ptolemaic Dynasty which concluded with the last Pharaoh, the famous Cleopatra VII. She committed suicide on August 12, 30 BC at the age of 39 thus ending the are of the dynasties. The Roman Era would not take control of Egypt destroying much of the sacred monuments created through the centuries.

    It was as if one cycle of time was ending (BC) as another was about to emerge (AD). the face of reality, religion, and the world at large would never be the same.

    PRE-DYNASTY Narmer - The Scorpion King EARLY DYNASTIC PERIOD THE FIRST DYNASTY - 3050 - 2890 B.C. Menes - AHA Djer Wadj Den - Udimu Anedjob Semerkat Qa'a SECOND DYNASTY - 3890-2686 B.C. Hetepsekhemwy Reneb Ninetjer Peribsen - Sekhemib Keasekhemwy THE OLD KINGDOM - AGE OF THE PYRAMIDS THIRD DYNASTY - 2650 - 2575 B.C. Sanakhte (Nebka) 2650 - 2630 Djoser - Netjerykhet 2630 - 2611 Sekhemkhet (Djoser Teti) 2611 - 2603 Khaba 2603 - 2599 Huni 2599 - 2575 FOURTH DYNASTY - 2575 - 2467 B.C. Snefru 2575 - 2551 Khufu (Cheops) 2551 - 2528 Djedefre 2528 - 2520 Khafre (Chephren) 2520 - 2494 Menkaure (Mycerinus) 2490 - 2472 Shepseskaf 2472 - 2467 FIFTH DYNASTY - 2465 - 2345 B.C. Userkaf 2465 - 2458 Sahure 2458 - 2446 Neferirkare Kakai 2477-2467 Shepseskare Ini 2426 - 2419 Neferefre 2419 - 2416 Niuserre Izi 2453 - 2422 Menkauhor 2422 - 2414 Djedkare Izezi 2388 - 2356 Unas 2375-2345 SIXTH DYNASTY - 2345 - 2184 B.C. Teti 2345 - 2333 Pepy I (Meryre) 2332 - 2283 Merenre Nemtyemzaf 2283 2278 Pepy II (Neferkare) 2278 - 2184 FIRST INTERMEDIATE PERIOD SEVENTH - TENTH DYNASTIES - 2150 - 1986 B.C. SEVENTH & EIGHTH DYNASTIES Netrikare Menkare Neferkare II Neferkare III Djedkare II Neferkare IV Merenhor Menkamin I Nikare Neferkare V Neferkahor Neferkare VI Neferkamin II Ibi I Neferkaure Neferkauhor Neferirkare II Wadjkare Sekhemkare Iti Imhotep Isu Iytenu NINETH & TENTH DYNASTIES Neferkare several kings named Kheti Meri-Hathor (?) Merikare MIDDLE KINGDOM

    ELEVENTH DYNASTY Antef I Antef II Antef III Mentuhotep II 2055 -2004 Mentuhotep III (Sankhkare) 2004 - 1992 Mentuhotep IV (Nebtawyre) 1992 - 1987 TWELFTH DYNASTIES Amenemhet I (Sehetepibre) 1991 - 1962 Senusret I (Kheperkare) 1956 - 1911 Amenemhet II (Nubkaure) 1911 - 1877 Senusret II (Khakheperre) 1877 - 1870 Senusret III (Khakaure) 1836 - 1817 Amenemhet III (Nimaatre) 1817 - 1772 Amenemhet IV (Maakherure) 1772 - 1763 Neferusobek (Sobekkare) 1763 - 1759 SECOND INTERMEDIATE PERIOD THIRTEENTH - SEVENTEENTH DYNASTIES THIRTEENTH DYNASTY Wegaf 1783-1779 Amenemhat-senebef Sekhemre-khutawi Amenemhat V Sehetepibre I Iufni Amenemhat VI Semenkare Sehetepibre II Sewadjkare Nedjemibre Sobekhotep I Reniseneb Hor I Amenemhat VII Sobekhotep II Khendjer Imira-mesha Antef IV Seth Sobekhotep III Neferhotep I 1696 - 1686 Sihathor 1685 - 1685 Sobekhotep IV 1685 - 1678 Sobekhotep V 1678 - 1674 Iaib 1674 - 1664 Ay 1664 - 1641 Ini I Sewadjtu Ined Hori Sobekhotep VI Dedumes I Ibi II Hor II Senebmiu Sekhanre I Merkheperre Merikare FOURTEENTH DYNASTY Nehesi Khatire Nebfaure Sehabre Meridjefare Sewadjkare Heribre Sankhibre Kanefertemre Neferibre Ankhkare FIFTEENTH DYNASTY Salitis Bnon Apachnan (Khian) Apophis (Auserre Apepi) Khamudi SIXTEENTH DYNASTY Anat-Her User-anat Semqen Zaket Wasa Qar Pepi III Bebankh Nebmaatre Nikare II Aahotepre Aaneterire Nubankhre Nubuserre Khauserre Khamure Jacob-Baal Yakbam Yoam Amu SEVENTEENTH DYNASTY Antef V Rahotep Sobekemzaf I Djehuti Mentuhotep VII Nebirau I Nebirau II Semenenre Suserenre Sobekemzaf II Antef VI Antef VII Tao I (Senakhtenre) Tao II (Sekenenre) Kamose (Wadjkheperre) THE NEW KINGDOM

    EIGHTEENTH DYNASTY Ahmose (Nebpehtyre) 1539 - 1514 BC Amenhotep I (Djeserkare) 1514 - 1493 BC Thutmose I (Akheperkare) 1493 - 1481 BC Thutmose II (Akheperenre) 1491 - 1479 BC Hatshepsut (Maatkare) 1473 - 1458 BC Thutmose III (Menkheperre) 1504 - 1450 BC Amenhotep II (Akheperure) 1427 - 1392 BC Thutmose IV (Menkheperure) 1419 - 1386 BC Amenhotep III (Nebmaatre) 1382 - 1344 BC Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten 1350 - 1334 BC Smenkhkare (Ankhkheperure) 1336-1334 BC Tutankhamun (Nebkheperure) 1334 - 1325 - King Tut BC Ay (Kheperkheperure) 1325 - 1321 BC Horemheb (Djeserkheperure) 1323 - 1295 BC NINETEENTH DYNASTY Ramesses I (Menpehtyre) 1295 - 1294 Seti I (Menmaatre) 1394 - 1279 Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre) 1279 - 1213 Merenptah (Baenrehotephirmaat) 1213 - 1203 Amenmesse (Menmire) 1203 - 1200 Seti II (Userkheperuresetepenre) 1200 - 1194 Siptah (Akhenresetepenre) 1194 - 1188 Tausert (Sitremeritamun) 1185-1187 TWENTIETH DYNASTY Setakht (Userkhauremeryamun) 1186 - 1184 Ramesses III (Usermaatremeryamun) 1184 - 1153 Ramesses IV (Hekamaatresetepenamun) 1153 - 1147 Ramesses V (Usermaatresekheperenre) 1147 - 1143 Ramesses VI (Nebmaatremeryamun) 1143 - 1136 Ramesses VII (Usermaatresetepenre) 1136 - 1129 Ramesses VIII (Usermaatreakhenamun) 1129 - 1126 Ramesses IX (Neferkaresetepenre) 1126 - 1108 Ramesses X (Khepermaatresetepenre) 1108 - 1099 Ramesses XI (Menmaatresetepenptah) 1099 - 1069 THIRD INTERMEDIATE PERIOD (1070-715 BC) TWENTY-FIRST - TWENTY-FOURTH DYNASTIES TWENTY-FIRST DYNASTY Smedes 1070-1044 Amenemnisu 1040 Psusennes I 1040-992 Amenope 993-984 Osochor 984-978 Siamun 978-959 Psusennes II 959-945 TWENTY-SECOND DYNASTY Shoshenq I 945-924 Osorkon I 924-909 Takelot 909--? Shoshenq II ?--883 Osorkon II 883-855 Takelot II 860-835 Shoshenq III 835-783 Pami 783-773 Shoshenq IV 773-735 Osorkon IV 735-712 TWENTY-THIRD DYNASTY Pedubaste I 828-803 Osorkon IV 777-749 Peftjauwybast 740-725 TWENTY-FOURTH DYNASTY Shepsesre Tefnakht I 725-720 Wahkare Bakenranef 720-715 LATE KINGDOM TWENTY-FIFTH DYNASTY Piye 747-716 BC Shebaka 712-698 Shebitku 698-690 Taharqa 690-664 Tantamani 664-657 TWENTY-SIXTH DYNASTY Psammetichus I (Psam-tik) 664-610 Nekau (Necho) II 610-595 Psammetichus II 595-589 Apries 589-570 Amasis 570-526 Psammetichus III 526-525 TWENTY-SEVENTH DYNASTY Cambyses 525-522 Darius I 521-486 Xerxes I 486-466 Artaxerxes I 465-424 Darius II 424-404 TWENTY-EIGHTH DYNASTY Amyrtaios 404-399 TWENTY-NINETH DYNASTY Nepherites I 399-393 Psammuthis 393 Hakoris 393-380 Nepherites II 380 THIRTIETH DYNASTY Nectanebo I 380-362 Teos 365-360 Nectanebo II 360-343 SECOND PERSIAN PERIOD (343-332 B.C.) THIRTY-FIRST DYNASTY Ochus (Artaxerxes III) 343-338 Arses 338-336 Darius III Codomannus 335-332 GRECO-ROMAN PERIOD (332 B.C.

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