Ancient Saga. Past life on Mars

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    The story was that 200 generations ago a strange shiny house had fallen from the sky, making such a noise that it woke everyone in the village.

    Sometime later, a man traveling from one village to the other came across this object. He said it sang, was warm to the touch, had a vile odor and looked and felt like the trading material used by the men of the stone hats. The story was reported back, by the investigating team, to Germany. One month later two more teams arrived. One being a group of scientists that were the forerunners of the special weapons division of Hitler's Nazi war machine. This group of men set out to find this house. They found it all right. It was the first retrieval of an extra terrestrial ship. The disk was 25 meters in diameter, 8 meters in height. The ship was solid with no apparent entrance, and surprisingly responsive to exterior forces, i.e. it seemed to float several meters above the ground, and required little effort to move it.

    In December of 1938 the disk was brought into the hands of Germany's top scientists to a location north of Munich. In the surrounding mountains an old salt mine was converted into a facility to study and reproduce, if at all possible, the craft. It had been determined earlier that this ship was not a top secret device of any other nation on Earth. The Nazi scientists had amazing success dissecting and understanding the ship and its contents. Until July of 1941, when one of their scientists managed to defect to the United States, no other nation knew what Hitler had, and what he'd been doing with it.

    United States Military Intelligence, under the code name Oz, successfully captured the Nazi facility containing the disc. The disc was shipped back to the US, narrowly missing USSR troops in their attempts to capture as much as they could of secret Nazi treasures and sciences. The USSR was to find out about the ship within six months, presumably from the German scientists they had captured.

    In the summer of 1947 the US recovered its second and third ships. One of these was a Blue Star of the warriors described earlier in the story. The ship was approximately 120 feet long, 20 feet high. It had a half circle front end, approximately 50 feet in diameter, cutting back to the main part of the body. It had crashed into an arroyo.

    The ship had sustained little damage due to the impact, but had severe damage to the port side about halfway down. Some of the interior contents had spilled down to the ground, but surprisingly there was no wiring as we know it. However, there were exposed clear fibers that had light emanating from them. There were two small humanoid bodies just outside the ship. They appeared to have been placed there as we would our own dead. One more close by laying against a rock seemed to have passed away peacefully. The fourth, appearing a little larger than the rest, was sitting up on the crest above the ship. He was holding a small black shiny box. We came to find out later that it was a device used to create a virtual reality type video, that placed the operator mentally into the memories of the donator.

    This particular box contained memories of one of the female engineers. This being died within the first two hours of captivity.

    Inside the ship there was located a ball-like structure at the front that opened when touched. Inside appeared to be a human form melted into a large chair. It wasn't until the ship was under heavy guard that this "warrior" separated from the ship and stepped through the large hole in its side. As he stepped out of the ship, the ship emitted a loud vibrating sound. At the same time, the Ft. Worth / Dallas area experienced a total black out. The date ... August 8, 1947.

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    siriuslymarZ, 24/05:
    Generally speaking, the best "fiction" is more real than what one would call "non-fiction." Imagination, in the light of anamnesis, is a way to understand one's deeper nature. I'd also recommend, for anyone having difficulty remembering, to read up on their sci-fi, to find that certain things remain "hidden" until people are capable of handling the truth - which is, as I suggest, less "history", and more mystery. May your own personal exegesis pave the golden path back to your soul.

    anonymous, 14/05:
    this should be made into a book! maybe several sequels if you go in depth . have only some of the bluestars landed? the author only mentioned four places where they landed

    Varjagr, 27/03:
    A nice pice of fiction, very detailed and still leaves room fo rthe imagination. If this was true, howcome theres nothin weaponways that is used of the ship?

    Ley, 25/11:
    Interesting story, you need more than that to awake mankind full mental power, perhaps in next 100 years they will understand!

    author, 19/01:
    I agree with Bob. No way is this true! However, this is an awesome story! It needs to be expanded into a book- and sold as FICTION.

    bob, 14/11:
    if you believe this story, then you're a moron. good piece of fiction, though.

    PACAL, 09/03:
    In the story i read what i see in pictures and in several short saga,s and stories that come to me in old books. I can make connections between al that is written in this story, and it make very much sense to me. For a long time i knew how people from other planets came to live longer on this planet, how the pyramids and mythological structures that where discovered by "von Daniken" fit in the story written above. As i have parts of this story written in my archive i will search it and make a full storyline of my findings.

    scientist, 02/03:
    The story is one of the most interesting piece of fictin i have written......i have a few questions a) If the avg life expectancy of the early Martians were 1500-2000 how come the warrior was alive for 10000 years and more? b)What has happened to the ships since then? And how can they disappear in this age of media, national geography and discovery channels? c) a very important question how does the writer know all this? Is he one of the warriors? pray tell the readers!!

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