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    Agence France Press in Washington an other news agencies have released the information on 02.27.2001 that elements taken from the Martian ALH-84001 meteorite indicate that there was life on Mars billions of years ago. The findings of the international team of scientists were published Tuesday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences periodical.

    Scientists such as Imre Friedmann, a researcher at NASA's Ames Research Center in California, have observed magnetite crystals, an iron oxide, strung in chains like a "string of pearls," which they investigated and found that they can only be formed by living organisms. "The chains we discovered are of biological origin. Such a chain of magnets outside an organism would immediately collapse into a clump due to magnetic forces."

    The researchers said the chains, probably formed inside organic material, were preserved, fossilized in the meteorite long after the organisms themselves decayed.

    The meteorite was formed by a collision between an asteroid and the planet some 3.9 billion years ago and was propelled toward Earth by another collision around 13,000 years ago, the researchers said. It was discovered in Antarctica in 1984.

    When NASA announced in 1996, that a team of researchers led by David McKay and working at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, noted that it contained mineral traces of biological origin, their findings were met with harsh skepticism, in the scientific community, and were subsequently called into question by some scientists. Later, the evidences just added up.

    Meanwhile, the international list of researchers jumping on the Allen Hills meteorite bandwagon has grown large. Seventeen researchers were involved in three papers made public yesterday. Much of the research into the rock has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Smithsonian Institution and NASA's Astrobiology Institute.

    The study highlights the similarities between the Martian magnetite crystals and crystals formed inside magnetotactic bacteria present on Earth. The Ames study determined that the crystals were of similar size and shape, that they did not touch each other and that the chains they formed were curved, additional signs of a biological origin.

    They also deduced from their great concentration in a small, two-kilogram (4.5-pound) meteorite that they must have been rather widespread on the surface of Mars. And since bacteria on Earth that use magnetic forces require some oxygen, researchers said their presence on the meteorite denotes that there were plant-like organisms using photosynthesis on Mars 3.9 billion years ago.

    The very next day already, other scientists had already claimed in response that... "The scientists studying the Mars rock haven't really eliminated the possibility that these structures are inorganic in origin"


    The study has shown that there is currently no known inorganic chemical means of producing these magnetite crystals with their unique morphologies.

    Kathie Thomas-Keprta, lead author of one of the new papers, responded that the researchers have taken a more in-depth look at the structure of the magnetites and have done an extensive literature search for other studies that might show analogous structures created by inorganic means, and zero were found.

    But the bottomline is, as Thomas-Kperta said, that the detail of the team's original paper, published in the December issue of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, was voluminous and may not have been read widely or thoroughly by critics.

    "These shapes and features and properties that we found in the Allen Hills magnetite have been understood for years to indicate biogenic origin," NASA geologist David McKay said today.

    No one has succeeded in producing similar structures via inorganic means, despite serious efforts such as the project going on at the Johnson Space Center, where McKay and Thomas-Kperta work.

    "At some point you have to ... accept that the only way they could be produced is by biology," McKay said.

    Research will continue. McKay expects proof of life on Mars to come within five years, based on study of a dozen or so Mars rocks found on Earth. "We're not expecting any one paper or any one line of evidence to convince people," McKay said. "But we think that over a period of time ... people will be convinced by the evidence, not by us, not by claims in the press."

    Meanwhile, more rocks from Mars have been studied by the same researchers who originally examined the Allen Hills meteorite. Two meteorites, called Nakhla and Shergotty, showed the same evidence of microfossils and other remnants of early life as Allen Hills, according to a team of researchers led by Everett Gibson, a geochemist at JSC.

    The next big step to take for the scientific community is to accept the new conclusions from the recent reevaluation of the Viking LR experiment and acknowledge that there is still life on Mars nowadays.

    PART - 2 ( there is still life on Mars nowadays )

    There is life on Mars. The Viking experiments conducted to determine that were positive. After the experiemtn took place and were positive that at least a micro organic life still exists on Mars, the results were contested, on grounds that make no more sense today.THE BASICS:

    When NASA needed to design an experiment to detect if life still exists on Mars, which the 1976 Viking lander should run, the experiment was carefully concepted and designed. It was intended that if the experiment turns out positive, then there is life. The experiment did turn positive.

    But this result was rejected fery fast. Ground: it cannot be.

    For the general public, the answer to the question of life on Mars evolved gradually to a negative answer:

    • There are signs of life on Mars.
    • There are signs of something lifelike on Mars.
    • There are signs of something lifelike which is not life on Mars.
    • There is a highly active chemical activity on the surface of Mars but it is not life.
    • There is some chemical activity on the surface of Mars.
    • There is only chemical activity on the surface of Mars.
    • There is no life on Mars these days.
    • There is no life on Mars.
    • The Viking experiment proved life does not exist on Mars.

    The fact is, the experiment was positive, and the conceptor of the experiment has been fighting for the last 24 years to re-establish the fact.


    In a july 30 1997 press release, Dr. Gilbert V. Levin, President of Biospherics Incorporated, who was the conceptor of the life detection experiment of the Viking lander, said he has now concluded that his experiment detected microbial life on Mars 21 years ago.

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    Buckaroo Banzai, 30/10:
    I just crapped my pants and need some sanitizing wipes...

    Pee-Wee Gaskins, 17/09:
    The martians seeded this planet after an asteroid hit theirs. Then they left the solar system to start over somewhere else. Its a proven FACT! I think they even made a movie based on a true story and it was confirmed by many NASA personnel. I know this because I have DNA that does not match anything on this planet.

    charles depuy, 12/05:
    If anyone's interested Google Earth has the images that will reveal that there was life on Mars. Start Google Earth Go to Planet Mars Type in this Location: 8023'S 932'W enter this location into the search window Click search Zoom in to see the writing on the ground. Move around to see all the characters. Regards, P.S. let me know what you think.

    josh, 14/06:
    i think there could have been life on mars because the soil is made of ironoxide which is like rust which is from steel getting oxgen asorbed into it so there could've been entire cities like are's that decayed over such a long peroid of time that it decayed to soil also now there is lots of carbon dioxide like are planet maybe we will look like mars when earth dies

    Mathias, 04/05:
    I am of the belief that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe than on Earth. The universe is too vast for life to have only gained a foothold once, especially cosidering that everything needed for simple life to form- Carbon, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Oxygen...- are all emitted by stars. And, if anywhere else in the universe there is another non-gaseous planet orbitting in close proximity to a star, there is a chance for life to form. What I doubt, however, is that anything out in the universe does or ever will have the means to reach Earth. Moving anything with mass at the speed of light- the only speed that would make such a massive trip concievable, considering it takes eons for light from faraway stars to reach Earth- would take infinite amounts of energy. All we will ever have is speculation.

    abby, 22/04:
    this is very odd but i still don't beilive in life on mars

    weedman, 25/10:
    when i was about 8 or 10 me and my mom saw a light in the sky we stopped thinking it was a comet we sit on the hood or the car and that was it i dreamed it 10 years later and asked her about it the way she looked at me when i asked her was not normal for her and she said she remembers that but just haded crossed her mind until i said something so what do you think happen to us

    openminded, 02/10:
    Those who believe there are "intelligent" beings out there, are wise. Those who think that for some strange reason humans are the only "intelligent" beings are ignorant. Quick question. Why are humans only able to use around 10% of their brain and have "junk" DNA? No other living creature has this problem. And, what would happen if we could use 100% of our brain and the "junk" DNA became useful? Maybe we would be more thoughtful for others beliefs for one, and believing in beings not from this planet would be more exceptable, I think. Time to start thinking outside the box of "comfortable" thought and realize there may be more to life then what you see everyday.

    BattleStations, 10/09:
    Hiphop night, at Voodoo Lounge, Plymouth, UK. Every 2nd thursday of the month. 2 entry, Free cake, no martians.

    matthew B, 20/05:
    when i ws 11 years old i went out on my uncles farm with my family for a holiday. as i had every year, however this year was quite different. i was walking in the woods when i came across a green transperent cube approx 1m x 1m as i approached it a small figure no bigger than waist height leapt out of the cube and somewhat groped me. it instantly went for my privates. i was horrified and ran back to my families ranch. my uncle said that hobos often lived in those woods, when we returned we found nothing. since then i have never returned to those woods. i am now an adult and am seeking answers about this event, which has intrigued me for my entire life.

    BllaZeiiT, 18/04:
    Wat Up Muh Hommies.. Shout Out To Celeste.Dee.. Dis Be Karlee Sheeiit

    Jaidev, 13/03:
    On 9th October, 2007, a serpentine green hand (probably lady's)came from under my cot at 4 am and tried to stangulate me. I had to physically hold the hand and pull it out with pressure. I even wokeup my wife and told. Some days back (around 7th March 2008) again at 4 am 2 green hands with rare pointed fingers held together poked me on the sides of my chest. Then I clearly read a message " I am on M....". Since some rare green lights/objects have been appearing in the skies of some Indian cities (Mumbai) and Martian E.T. are depicted in green color. Do you think the above has any relevance to life on Mars? I am trying my best to establish connection with this alien and will get in touch if successful.

    wenis, 20/12:
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    sargent blonde, 27/11:
    mushrom.... captain cool... do you read me captain cool (TOM!!!)

    mushroom-head, 27/11:
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    sargent blonde, 27/06:
    cor life on mars... WHATEVER look, me and captain cool went there. NOTHING! apart from my new friend Kiwi lol

    captain cool, 22/06:
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    Ssagent Blondey, 22/06:
    brap brap zap zap... calling captain cool... come in captain cool, we are landing on mars... brapage blud!!!

    captain cool, 22/06:
    if they r there it would be all like zap zap humans must die bang zap

    sanjia, 27/04:
    SATAN lives on mars

    Cosmic Geoff, 13/03:
    AND WHILE IM AT IT ASK THE FIRST MEN ON THE MOON WHAT THEY SAW OUT THERE WINDOWS. A MOTHERSHIP (HUGE) I Have seen the released NASA videos filmed during almost EVERY SINGLE SPACE MISSION EVER FLOWN!!! OF COURSE THEY WONT SAY IT. BUT THNK YOU TO BUZZ ALDREN (2cd man on moon) FOR TELLING THE TRUTH, IF ONLY HALF OF IT!!! They landed but had to make a FAKE video because of what they found ON THE GROUND OF THE MOON!!! . AND ONE MORE THING. THERE IS T A TON LOAD OF ALL KINDS OF PROOF, VIDEOS, PICS, TAPES, eyewitness accounts (Even by 8 of our USA presidents (Including Regan) PLUS there is even proof as far back as in the walls in egypt (Pyramids). explain all that. abductions, USA goverment COVER UP1 THEY KNOW THE TRUTH, SO DO I. I KNOW DO YOU??

    sryAS, 08/12:
    If we cant find anything bigger then a dog pissing under a latter who the hell gives a poop.Anyway if a alien did come to us they would get their poop rocked, and all they wanted is peace

    martian2, 20/11:
    MARTIAN1 is not a real alien. but i am DoN"T TELL THE MEN IN BLACK!!!!!

    dingdong, 25/10:
    hi again i have nothing better to do than this :(

    bevo, 19/09:
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    Shawn, 24/04:
    we are your troops

    Jonathan, 24/04:
    Just chek or elsr me cool

    someone, 26/03:
    What a load of crap

    Anti Christian, 26/02:
    Science has nothing to do with religion, the earth was not creted in 3 days, nor was the earth and its inhabited created as they are now, and also, the concept of time does not exist. It is a flase human concept.

    me!, 02/02:
    its my birthday! ha ha its not your b-day! its mine!

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    josh, 30/10:
    why don't they just open the metor and see if life exsists. . josh, why don't they just open the metor and see if life exsists.

    Euthanatia, 13/08:
    I really find this stuff interesting unlike these others. I belive that we are mirror imaged metaphors of the universe as god. And so just as we all eventualy die so will the universe of course. i belive there was life on mars and maybe ther still is, be open minded and have faith.

    DragooN, 12/07:
    true, but remember, time does not apply to God as it does to us, God can move freely through time

    Ralph Wishgabishcus, 01/05:
    Snap out of your little sci-fi world and come to REALITY. Aliens... Puhleess.

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