Possible Physical Evidence of Atlantis - 2. Atlantis

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    1977 report of a huge pyramid found off Cay Sal in the Bahamas, photographed by Ari Marshall's expedition, about 150 feet underwater. The pyramid was about 650 feet high. Mysteriously, the surrounding water was lit by sparkling white water flowing out of the openings in the pyramid and surrounded by green water, instead of the black water everywhere else at that depth.

    The foundations of a 100 by 75 foot structure photographed on the sea bottom off Andros Island.

    A sunken city about 400 miles off Portugal found by Soviet expeditions led by Boris Asturua, with buildings made of extremely strong concrete and plastics. He said "the remains of streets suggests the use of monorails for transportation". He added that he brought up a statue.

    Pillars found on the Atlantic floor in 1969 by Robert Fero and Michael Grumley, a chunk of which was carved from rock NOT found anywhere in that part of the world. 20. A road off the Bahamas explored by Dr. Manson Valentine.

    Dimitri Rebikoff, using his underwater platform and a special collecting lens, reported ruins found encircling an underwater freshwater spring.

    Marble Acropolis underwater across five acres of fluted columns raised on pillars.

    Heinrich Schilemann, the man who found and excavated the famous ruins of Troy {which historians thought was only a legend), reportedly left a written account of his discovery of a bronze vase with a metal unknown to scientists who examined it, in the famous Priam Treasure. Inside it are glyphs in Phoenician stating that it was from King Chronos of Atlantis! IDENTICAL pottery was found in Tiajuanaco, Bolivia.

    Twenty researchers, including archaeologists, a marine biologist, geologist, and cartographer dove onto ruins on the sea floor off Bimini in 1975 and brought back artifacts from which they concluded that the walls and roads were made of materials not found in that part of the world.

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    JFK, 16/08:
    Learn to spell, and maybe someone will take you seriously.

    zman, 16/01:
    Pics are in Area 51.

    no one important, 10/01:
    ok so you say you got photos... so where are they though it is possible for a uso to tranfer from a unidintified sumerged object to a ufo quite easly as ling as it has some sort of static electron feild surronding it but i dont know how it would prevent electron discharge though the surface of the craft would half to vaporize the water on its surface to keep it from freezing on the hull of the craft

    mattJL, 18/12:
    you yalk about pictures... so where are they.

    V11, 18/12:
    WHere are the pictures?

    hobbit, 02/06:
    "Candy", Space ships don't come form the sea,dude, they come from outer space. and even if that did happen there is no way a space ship could have triggered an under sea earth quake. but whatever... belive what you want on this one.

    candy, 06/02:
    iwas wondering if it is possible that recent sunnami, dec, of 04 could possibly have been caused by a space ship coming out of the ocean which may have triggered earth quake that caused this catasstrophe?

    Heather, 05/02:
    I recently picked up Slyvia Browns new book " Secrets & mysteries and read the entire book in one day. She talks about Atlantis, Lemuria, Shangri-La, Easter Island, Stonehedge, Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles and so on about everything. After reading the book it all makes sence to me about our life and where we are all going. I have done research on almost everything and cant understand why its so hard for people to believe that we are the only ones in the universe. Death in this life is only the beginning of other several lives (stages)too come until we are ready in GODS eyes in his world. We have so much to learn when the earth has another POLOR TILT and uncover the truth thats hidden in the seas. Remember most of this world long time ago was mostly land mass.

    Leonid, 02/01:
    I too beleive in atlantis which was around in some 100,000 years ago.But seriously if you want anyone to take you seriously, you have to include atleast one ounce of proof backing up your expedition stories.

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