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    Note: The cataclysms of fire and water of worldwide extent of which we speak in this essay are strictly scientific. They are widely attested in the geological record, being generally accepted by modern Geology. So are the massive extinctions of all sorts of species, and particularly of the large mammals which took place at the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, some 11,600 years ago. Some 70% of the former species of great mammals which existed in the former era became extinct then, including, in all probability, two species of humans, the Neandertals and the Cro-Magnons, which became extinct more or less at this epoch.

    Only the mechanism for the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age which is a certain fact, but is so far unexplained by Science is new and our own. We propose that this dramatic event was caused by a huge explosion of the Krakatoa volcano (or perhaps another one), which opened the Strait of Sunda, separating the islands of Java and Sumatra, in Indonesia.

    This giant explosion is widely attested in all sorts of myths and traditions such as those concerning Atlantis and Paradise, indeed located in this region of the world. It is universally remembered as the explosion of the Mountain of Paradise (= Mt. Krakatoa, Atlas, Sinai, Zion, Alborj, Qaf, Golgotha, Meru, etc.) and of the deluge it caused, of which they all speak obsessively as the Universal Flood and the Universal Conflagration.

    The explosion of Mt. Krakatoa caused a giant tsunami, which ravaged the lowlands of Atlantis and Lemuria. It also triggered the end of the Ice Age by covering the continental glaciers with a layer of soot (fly ash) which precipitated their melting by increasing the absorption of sunshine. The meltwaters of the glaciers flowed into the oceans, raising sea-level by about 100-150 meters and causing tremendous strains and stresses in the crust of the earth. This cracked open in the weak spots, engendering further volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that feedback (positively) the process, furthering it to completion. The result was the dramatic end of the Pleistocene Ice Age and the so-called Quaternary Extinctions which we mentioned above.


    All nations, of all times, believed in the existence of a Primordial Paradise where Man originated and developed the fist civilization ever. This story, real and true, is told in the Bible and in Hindu Holy Books such a the Rig Veda, the Puranas and many others. That this Paradise lay "towards the Orient" no one doubts, excepting some die-hard scientists who hold that the different civilizations developed independently from each other in such unlikely places such as Europe, the Americas or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

    It was in the Orient, and beyond, that agriculture (of rice and grains) and animal domestication were invented. These two crucial inventions allowed Man s fixation to the soil, and the resulting prosperity led to civilization and the founding of the first cities. It is exactly this fact that is related in the Bible, that attributes the foundation of the first city called Henok or Chenok, ("the Abode of the Pure", in Dravida) to Cain (Gen. 4:17). This end at the completion of its alloted time is what is meant by Henok s lifespan of "365 years".

    This name ("Pure Land")of the very first one of all cities is the same in Hindu traditions (Shveta-dvipa, Sukhavati, Atala, etc.). Even in the Amerindian traditions, Yvymaraney "the Land of the Pure", is the legendary birthplace of the Tupi-Guarani Indians of Brazil, just as Aztlan is the land of origin of the ancient Mayas of Yucatan. Man or, more exactly, the anthropoid simians that were our ancestors in fact arose in Africa some 3 million years ago. But these anthropoids soon spread all over Eurasia and beyond, reaching the Far Orient and Australia, inclusive, by about 1 million years ago or even more.

    Indonesia, the Site of Eden

    It was in Indonesia and the neighboring lands that Man, after emigrating from the semi-desertic savannas of Africa, first found the ideal climatic conditions for development, and it was there that he invented agriculture and civilization. All this took place during the Pleistocene, the last of the geological eras, which ended a scant 11,600 years ago. Though long by human standards, this is but a brief moment in geological terms.

    The Pleistocene a name which is Greek for "most recent" is also called Anthropozoic Era or Quaternary Era or, yet, the Ice Age. During the Pleistocene and, more exactly, during the glacial episodes that happened at intervals of about 20 thousand years, sea level was about 100-150 meters (330-500 feet) below the present value. With this, a large coastal strip the so-called Continental Platform (with a width of about 200km = 120 miles) became exposed, forming land bridges that interconnected many islands and regions.

    The most dramatic of such exposures took place in the region of Indonesia, precisely the spot where humanity first flourished. The vast expansion of the South China Sea then formed an immense continent, indeed "larger than Asia Minor and Libya put together". This is, as we shall see below, precisely what Plato affirms in his discourse on Atlantis, the Critias.

    With the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, the immense glaciers that covered the whole of the northern half of North America and Eurasia melted away. Their waters drained to the sea, whose level rose by the estimated amount of about 100-150 meters quoted above. With this rise, Atlantis sunk away and disappeared for good, along with most of its population, which we estimate, based on Plato s data, at about 20 million people, huge for the epoch in question.

    Eden Was The Same as Lemurian Atlantis

    More exactly, this sunken continent was Lemurian Atlantis, the larger of the two Atlantises mentioned by Plato.

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    Soggy Bottom, 18/04:
    Help, please help me....I have just had a Disruptive Bowel Movement (DBM), and it smells bad. I am at work and cannot stand up...please help me....

    al echo al, 23/07:
    !Wow! This website has realy useful information that I can use in my speech and research for my class project, WORLD MYSTERIES!

    Richard Welch, 01/05:
    Atlantis was not in the Aegean or Indonesia, or on the moon It was exactly where Plato said it was: a ways beyond Gibralter, facing the region of Gades (Cadiz). It was a supervolcanic island that exploded and sank in the 17th century BC. The huge remant caldera is plainly evident on the ocean floor (See Roots of Cataclysm, Algora Publ.NY 2009).

    bob, 16/04:
    you have no facts in antlantis

    YoYo, 31/03:
    ! b3 popp!n, 10ck!n, pok@ d0++!n

    NeedToKnow, 31/03:
    Who is the author of this page?

    HAHAHAHno., 16/03:
    blahblah hi erin. atlantis may be real but like, im not 100% positive. im not a sea biologist! so yea HI ERIN, bye erin,. your teeth are kind of blue

    zxcvbnmakay, 11/03:
    Our class is learning about Atlantis and I didn't think it was real. I mean, how can something, I quote; Bigger Than Africa, not be found at all yet? They THINK they've found volcanoes about it, but yea. But then our class watched a video, and I'm starting to believe it's true. :-)

    sandy, 04/03:
    How could atlantis still be in the sea This is cool.

    ? :), 05/02:
    I can honestly say, im not one for believing any old thing, but all the myths of Atlantis and the ideas of use of light and crystals, advanced medicines and the super race, is already evident in our modern world, we are already developing photon computing, which will replace electrical components with components that can store light, and change logic states with inputs and outputs of light, but with all static components. We are heading towards the point in time where we have all these advanced technology's! There are always massive breakthroughs in science, the first aircraft was one of them, and these things do happen.

    Daniel, 13/11:
    i mean spread* . how could a 'myth' so widely dpread not be true?

    Treeman, 18/12:
    Just reading this as I have taken a recent literary interest in Atlantis and Lemuria. Interesting theories, but at the moment all we can make are hypotheses, so there is little point arguing over it (and less point trying to find it). Some of the views expressed are, may i say, quite scary. I wonder, Ryker, if the USA became such a 'world power' because of the profound wisdom of persons such as yourself- "that's what the english used to tell their children to scare them"

    Matt K., 04/11:
    hahaha pedant wrote grammer when he was making fun of everyone else!

    vincent, 01/11:
    I really did belive that atlantis was a real place ever since i heard of it,and i did not belive it was just a myth.I would also like to say that i am fascinated by these kind of places because it expresses some kind of feeling to me which i cannot explain.Anyway its non of you problems to warry about it :p.anyway i hope you get more information about atlantis but i will not just wait for you to put some more information i will search aswell :D thank you if you have read my message. cya

    nava joe, 14/10:
    navajo tradition says, we(natives) came out of the earth. Out of three worlds , these is the four world we live in now. You all live in "American" i'm thinking, the clues are under your noses. You all sound like preachers.

    GV, 28/02:
    I find it hilarious that "Pedant" has a go at the use of people's spelling and grammAr but spells grammAr incorrectly. I think you'll find you have been served, imbecile.

    A, 17/07:
    I was very excited to read through your site until: "That this Paradise lay "towards the Orient" no one doubts, excepting some die-hard scientists who hold that the different civilizations developed independently from each other in such unlikely places such as Europe, the Americas or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean." Are you serious? Since everybody has their arguement, their proof, I don't find yours to be any more compelling in the least. So why should you have the right to belittle other theories? And I definitely argue with it. I argue with the fact that Atlantis lay towards the Orient and I most definitely argue with the fact that no one contests this idea. And I am not a "die-hard scientist" This is actually this first I've heard that Atlantis itself was even in the Pacific. One culture may have grown up off the coast of Okinawa, another off the coast of the carribean, another off of India, and yet another in the once lush plains where the Mediterranean now sits who are you to say that they didn't? The wealth of information supporting these other theories is vastly more extensive than proof for the Orient. The truth is, the ocean is largely uncharted. Don't tell anybody there can't be this or that down there until you've searched it with a toothbrush and a metal detector. I think if we all stopped making such definite statements about things we can only speculate on, we'd have an easier time sorting out the truth. These kind of autocratic statements are the problem, rather than the solution.

    Lori Stucker, 26/03:
    Has anyone bothered to read the Fingerprints of the Gods? We need to think in larger segments of time. There is more than enough info out there on the displacement of the Earth's crust due to the precession of the equinoxes. It is clear through fossil records of plants and animals under Antartica's ice-at this time (see the Piri Reis maps)-that it once maintained a sub tropical climate. To the person stating-things would float-you are not thinking on a large enough geological scale. Pottery, jewelry, tools, and human remains are often found scattered in ways only rising and declining water could place them. Many lands have sunk and risen throughout Earth's history. Tiwakanu (ancient city at the south end of lake Titicaca) was built having large areas for boats to dock. Today the lake is 100 feet lower. The famous Disc of the Sun, supposed to be brought from Egypt to Peru, is said to remain under an island in Titicaca. The government has allowed permission to natives to open the tunnels where it was said to be hidden from cortez an co. What i read in most comments is ego. Everyone would like to lay claim to Atlantis, when the fact is that many civilizations have been lost to violent movements of the Earth. What is greater to me is the information the ancients have left for us-stating those who seek pure understanding shall have it. At this time in history we cannot duplicate their feats. Even in Peru, where I sit now, many would like to claim all of this work to the Incas, when in fact their only effort to move a giant stone ended in the death of around 3,000 men. Put your egos aside and look to the ancient wisdoms with an open heart. Notice i printed my name, as those unwilling to take credit for their words do not. If anyone has information on the Titicaca area for me, I will read it. I would also like to take part in any dig going on in the Tiwakanu area.

    bigdog, 13/11:
    you are a piece of chet

    clispsy, 03/11:
    That one was directed at pendant or whatever. . Americans can have good grammar. What you are seeing is typing slang. Thank you very much.

    Bangkong, 11/09:
    This is really interesting!!! But i don't care if Atlantis is in Indonesia I tell you one thing that Indonesia will "awake" someday, it is unavoidable!! Believe me!!

    Ryker, 20/07:
    ah yes!! I believe in simultaneous human evolution. This evolution is tempered by environment. The link with a lot of the great floods is : people who reported it were far away from the epicenter. none to few reports in indonesia because its right in the middle. Also, the beaches that face the Java Sea get deep very gradually, implying a lower sea level. why, the Java Sea looks like the Pond described by Plato! What could be underneath??? (in california, for example, the beach gets deep almost instantly). Finally, old maps of indonesia.... call the indian ocean the indonesian ocean. has something to do with indo's maritime history. hey.... wasn't atlantis a ship based civilization? And where does Boogey Man come from?its what the english used to tell their children to scarethem... that the Bugis Pirates would come and get them. Islands, ships, ponds, elephants. When Atlantis was around as a world power, the society must have been completely the opposite of America (the current world power). THe focus was prolly on spirituality rather than materiality. And I bet the technology was at least equally good( if not better than now) BUT probably very tempered by spirituality, as opposed to the bottom line. oh well, back i go the the *square* office building.

    J J , 19/07:
    I believe that there must have been an island of Atlantis in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Look at the similarities in writing of the old languages, eg the letter a .; similarities in the buildings,ie the pyramids. These are only 2 examples in support of the theory in conjunction with Plato's account. also all civilised nations have legends of great floods. Is it open for discussion?

    jt, 17/07:
    if someone can help me, im looking for hypothesis' made by archaeologists on thera's relationship with crete. cheers.

    truth seeker, 07/07:
    the theory of atlantis in Indonesia is cool!!there are great structures (pyramid like), mostly temples such as Borobudur, in indonesia. these structures might be build using ancient technology which had been rediscovered by the people back then. another interesting fact about indonesian, the people are so in to mind power (might be caused by the unaware state of the people, regarding their atlantean ancestor which is known for their mind power). to these days, there are a large number of people in indonesia claiming theirselves to have certain mind power. these people are said to be able to cure disease, communicate with the dead,etc..

    T., 20/06:
    Maybe it's time that research programs be undertaken and funded on a national and international scale to uncover and figure out all the mysteries behind Atlantis. Because, if there was already such an advanced and powerful civilization several millennia ago before it seemed to have just vanished, all current nations ought to figure out and understand those mysteries given that it might spell their future survival too. If they could have just gone like that, we ought to know all about it, lest we it happens again and we won't even see it coming because we haven't learn our past.

    tommy, 19/06:
    I wish that atlantis never disapeard it was like my home even thow i was not born back then and never knew it was real until now.

    Atmonadi, 19/05:
    Sorry, I'm not native english writers. I'm Atlantean, ehrr I mean Indonesian :). Probably, hypotheses from Dr. Aryos can be trace not only based on Archaelogical, but also from the Origin Of The Language or Basic Knowledge System such as decimal system and abjad, or alphabethical system and other simbology. In my opinion, the origin of Adam as the first man in the Planet who created basic language come from Jawa or Jawa. There are 5 symbol, in ancient Jawa Language called ha, Na, Sinwara. This 5 symbol related with numerical value 5,50,60,6 and 200 or totally 321. 321 is a mirror of 123 the black hole number. Those 5 symbol, tranformed by someone maybe in India or Egyp around 4000-6000 BC or maybe on Jericho city become 20 letter, 22, 26, 28, 32 etc. The meaning of HanaSwara in english is a tradisional question "There is a sound?" Atmonadi Ahmad Muhammad Athmaan The Last Atlantean

    mandaaaa, 29/04:
    sweet 3333 this is soo cool to think there used to be an underwater atlantis.:)

    Gihan, 25/04:
    There is no smoke without a fire. The only thing i question is technological advancement that most claim existed at that time. However it should not be ruled out. if they discovered nuclear raidiation in Rajasthan that appears to be more than 10,000 years old then anything is possible.

    BLMKV, 03/04:
    Hi. I think Atlantis may be real because of some existent facts. First, pyramids that people built in past, how they did it, all such knowledge. Second, every legend has a basic real construct. At the same time, our civilization at present time (year 2006) consists of many nations, 5 continents, millions and millions of people. How the civilization such Atlantis could locate at only on 1 and such small island or many small islands, or another words, at small space in a distance?

    AcNorph, 08/03:
    It's real ! Still exists ! I'm from there actually !

    bunny1887, 25/02:
    Finally someone has some form of geological evidince pointing towards the accual existance of Atlantis! I've always had a nagging feeling that it was real, I found this in my research to conect the possibility that Atlantis had some conection to Angels and God. I'm still looking for that, but this is encuraging! I believe in God and I believe in evidence, and this is a stepping stone for me.

    kusha mystic, 25/02:
    Hi guys, you're looking at the right places but your deductions are clouded. Think vaster time scales than the tens of thousands of years. Man is much more archaic than that.

    Joshua, 26/01:
    I'm with you Zak, good luck! Me and my friend Adam are looking for it too.

    US, 31/12:
    Atlantis is real, I read in a book that it was even a city of trade and mentioned in a poem but it was destroyed.

    Zak, 04/12:
    I believe that atlantis is real, and im gonna try to prove it i will prove everybody else wrong!

    Zanoni, 31/10:
    Hi! It amazes me that so many wants, or NEEDS to make an remark of this topic, subject! I am thinking in particular does who must express that they do not believe, or commenting the spellings, and that they must express "misses an important error of fact". What does that mean. I am just amazes (is that a misspelling?) about some "fear"... The "missing piece" is PASSION! Or as we in Sweden call it in another way: "jantelag"; the tall poppies syndrome, Jante law.

    Stryka, 19/09:
    Its pretty amazing all the evidence you guys have piled together, while on the verge of insanity, it all seems to make perfect sense and every peice of yer info appears to fit perfectly into place. Keep this stuff up, you guys actually know what your talking about unlike every other site I've been to. Great Stuff

    black leather babe, 15/08:
    i think that the idea of a place bueried by a volcano explosion like pompei is cool and im still trying to decide if i believe in it but if it is discovered i hope it is presreved and not turned into a tourist attraction... and the knowladge that is supposedly hidden there would really help when if it can show us how 2 make anergy without pollution and not involve electricity im 11 and in grade 7 and im doing my project on this.

    kiriaka, 12/08:
    I happened upon this sight, by chance mind you, hoping to find some viewpoints opposing evolution, but not steeped in religiosity and dipped in ignorance for "flavor". I was intrigued by the "Atlantis" you presented. It seems it is the thing we dream of finding, some of us never even knowing what it is we are looking for. Atlantis, if I say it out loud, with my eyes closed, gives me the most exotic, horrible, wonderful feeling. Thank you. Note: I read some of the comments, not all, and was a bit dissapointed, I suspect you must be too. For all of your decent hard work, morons have decided to stop here on their way to teen chatrooms. Ah well, seems I have found all the evidence of evolution I need...some of us have, and some of us have not...good luck with your site.

    Pedant, 20/06:
    As many of your comments are written by morons without the ability to spell correctly, or have even a basic grasp of grammer, I'm surprised they understand your interesting theory on Atlantis enough to make any remarks at all. Maybe they are all from the you.S.A.!

    SlaterStar, 10/06:
    If atlantis truly exists, why have we not found it yet? Do you really think nothing in the city was able to flote surely some of it was washedup on the shores. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure something out.

    cutie pie, 26/01:
    you need pics if you wanna prove that atlantis is real

    lala, 26/01:
    i also think that atlantis is a phoney....but im doing research on a volcano that supposuvly "buried atlantis" and so far it has helped is also really interesting=)

    karlos, 25/01:
    with ref to [Sweetjuly, 30/10: I believe that Atlantis was a phoney all along...How dare you ppl act as if this satanic magiacl world could be posible?] are you kidding atlantis is part of our past, it contains knowledge that has being lost to us over time and will hopefully be one day reclaimed. as for the site great work you guys, your stuff has really helped my research

    met, 24/01:
    you guys crack me up it is so funny ppl get all whacked about sumthin fake

    Judy, 12/01:
    I am THROUGHLY enjoying your site. Please keep it up. THANKS!

    kenzie, 01/11:
    wow you guys did a gr8 job on your site.its fascinating. i am doing a skool project on atlantis and mi info is frm your site.

    Sweetjuly, 30/10:
    I believe that Atlantis was a phoney all along...How dare you ppl act as if this satanic magiacl world could be posible?

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