Atlantis Checklist 2

We cannot end this section without repeating that, from all the gifts man has inherited from Atlantis, the domesticated horse was certainly one of the noblest of all. Though classically used in combats and disputes of all sorts, the horse also served as a means of transportation, of drafting loads and implements and, above all, for riding, along all the millennia that preceded the epoch-making invention of the automobile.

When one admires horses on the loose, one is usually impressed with the great speed and the gracefulness of the superb animal. But one is also struck with the wide extensions that these magnificent creatures require both for roaming and for feeding. One is also led to dream of paradisial grassy plains of enormous extension, abounding in fat grass and in water sources flashing under the warm sunlight of the tropical regions.

What other plains are as fit as the Elysian Plains for the birthplace of the horse and for that of the wise ancestors who first dreamed of turning the horse in an everyday companion and friend? The very fact that the ancestor of the domesticated horse cannot be traced with security suggests a lost site of origin like the one of Atlantis. Atlantis, we recall, was the very site of the Elysian Plains, the immense grassy pampas where the horse is most likely to have originated.

13) Elephants in Atlantis

Plato is very specific on the presence of elephants in Atlantis. In his Critias, the philosopher writes:

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