Corroborating evidence. Atlantis

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Golden, proud, invincible Lanka; Lanka, the Beautiful; Lanka, the Queen of the Waves; Lanka, the Bride of the King, was the true archetype of Atlantis and of the Celestial Jerusalem. Lanka was also Paradise, the birthplace of Humanity and Civilization, the true "Land of the Gods" of so many mythologies.
  • According to Noel, the French mythologist, "Canopus" means "Island of Gold" in Egyptian. But that is precisely the meaning of the name of the Hindu Paradise, called Suvarna-Dvipa in Sanskrit. Suvarna-Dvipa was, as is so often the case, located in Indonesia, the true site of Eden. Canopus is also a name of Hercules in some traditions. And Hercules was Gadeiros, the twin brother and co-ruler with Atlas of the Atlantean empire. Again, the most diverse traditions concur to validate the equation Paradise = Eden = Atlantis = Indonesia.

To end this summary exegesis of several myths on Atlantis from many parts of the world, a concluding word seems in order. When we compare the above and other accounts, we see that they all concern a primordial Paradise where humanity and civilization first started. And it is clear that this Paradise is far more than a fable. We are fully convinced that anyone who studies our work in detail with an open mind and heart will not fail to be convinced that Atlantis was in fact the same as Eden or Paradise.

We also believe that the dedicated student will find that Plato only briefly lifted the hem of the veil of Isis, and that the Atlantean tradition was the subject matter of the ancient Mystery Religions. These mysteries passed into Judeo-Christianism in a highly distorted form, becoming a mere chimaera. But myths, the superb legacy of our elders, are founded on actual fact. And that fact is the reality of Atlantis and its ineluctable location in the now sunken plains of the South China Sea, in the region of Indonesia. There lies Paradise Lost, which can be reborn if only we dare to believe in its reality. The time is now, when Aquarius is already dawning.

And who is Aquarius, pray? He is the Golden Boy, of whom Virgil speaks in his famous IV Eclogue, perhaps the most superb of all prophecies of the Millennium. Virgil's poem starts with the (Latin) phrase: Iam redit et Virgo! ("See! The Virgin returns!"). Yes, Aquarius is both the Golden Boy and the Golden Girl, for he is the Androgyne. The fusion of the two sexes indeed represents the reunion of the twin Atlantises separated from each other from the dawn of times. But now, they again reunite, Lamb and Wolf, to enjoy the last thousand years yet alloted this age, and to cause the Golden Age to revive. Prophecies do come true only because they are self-fulfilling. They are the "personifications of desire", the egregoras and kamarupas that only exist if we believe in them. Too bad for those who dont, for we will not allow them to take Aquarius away from us.

Copyright © 1997 Arysio Nunes dos Santos

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A bit of knowledge, 19/05:
(continue) In itself the cult of mysteries isn't evil or without moral or values, it is more the possibilities of debauche and anarchy that it offers that atract people, the possibilities themselves are not intrinsically linked with the cult of mysteries but however they do tend to bring about a certain "charm" when society's standards and political turmoil tend to run amock. Thus again everything comes down to human nature and free will. I will not reiterate what "a pragmatist" mentioned a little earlier and simply say that we are once again on the brink of a choice, we either repeat past mistakes and start all over again or move on and try to create history instead of reliving it. May you seek the light that will bring you enlightment and guide you, my only hope is that knowledge will bring you some form of enlightment and that my little bit of knowledge will help you achieve that. . The cult of mysteries did indeed originate in Atlantis, however it was at the dawn of their civilizations history that the cults of mysteries appeared, when Atlantis was but a shell of its former self. The cult of mysteries then destroyed what was left of this mighty civilizations moral and values and finished the degradation that had begun centuries before. The flood then destroyed the physical remnants of the Atlanteans. The cult, however, survived and spread remarkably quick throughout the world for the next 10 millenia in some form or another only to resurface in greece where human phylosophy flourished unhindered but fundamentaly lacking in religious unity and sense of self worth and purpose in our universe. The cult of mysteries thus decided to reside in greece for the time being and swept away their religious values and moral and destroyed their mighty phylosophycal ideals to finally bring about the end of the greek empire. The cult of mysteries then moved on to reach the romans which were also suceptible to ots influence towards the end of their empire as well. Then christinality came about and tried to fight off the cult of mysteries, but seeing how popular and spread its belives were, christinity wisely chose to incorporate some of the rituals and ideas of the cult of mysteries in their own new religion. This mark the end of 10 millenia old sons of baal's or the sons of darkness' religion, the cult of mysteries.

Pragmatist, 28/12:
Does not the fact that people in all areas of the world have legends of a civilisation that perished as a result of a catastrophe involving a great flood or volcanic activity suggest that Atlantis is best regarded as a generic term - for the whole civilisation of earth that was destroyed? In which case we would expect to find (as we do) evidence of it in several cultures spread all over the world, not just one - just as our descendants might, if we destroyed all existing civilisations by means of an atomic war, say. Which brings me to the point: there is nothing new under the sun. Atlanteans (if they existed) would have had the same human nature, and it follows that we have the same potential, the same possibilities and dangers as they. Therefore let us work for peace now, instead of speculating about a race that may have screwed up big time (Remember the Planet of the Apes films?). Just as our duty lies in this life, treated as a need-to-know operation, not in speculation about past ones, our duty as humans is to build and preserve what is good in this civilisation, not indulge in speculation about the past in the absence of firm evidence.

treasure hunter extrodinaire, 14/11:
it took me several hours to read and take in all of that information and i still dont know where atlantis is?? From what i read you dont know either, you seem to come to the sublect and then change it.

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