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    Their existence is stated in the Bible and other sources which are hard to doubt. As we detail elsewhere, Tarshish was in reality the same as Punt (Indonesia), even today the world's greatest supplier of tin. So, if Plato is indeed right, we are led to conclude that Atlantis was in fact Indonesia.
    The Date of 11,600 Before Present
    • Plato affirms that the demise of Atlantis took place "9,000 years before the times of Solon". Now, Solon visited Egypt at about 600 BC, which adds to a total of about 11,600 BP (Before Present). Now, this is precisely the date of the cataclysmic ending of the Pleistocene Ice Age, as given by the geologic record. So, we are led to conclude that Plato's date is correct, and that the Greek philosopher indeed knew what he was talking about.
    • Strabo, the Greek geographer and historian, tells us that 2,600 years before his time, certain navigants crossed beyond the Pillars of Hercules, and dealt with the Tartessians. Now, these Tartessians - who are often identified with the Atlanteans - had, he affirms, written records of their history that amounted to 7,000 years before their own time. Again, this adds to a date of about 11,600 BP, precisely as preconized by Plato for the Atlantean cataclysm, for Strabo flourished in the times of Christ.
    • Arnobius, a Christian bishop of the fourth century AD, told in one of his sermons concerning the catastrophes that have previously destroyed human civilization, that "ten thousand years ago, a vast number of men burst forth from the island which is called Atlantis of Neptune, as Plato tells us, and utterly ruined and blotted out countless nations." Again, the date given by Arnobius turns out to be precisely the one of 11,600 BC. Though Arnobius' relation seems to be based on that of Plato, he had access to sources now lost that apparently confirmed Plato's disclosure in an independent way.
    • Manetho, the Egyptian historian, places the start of the dynasty of the "Spirits of the Dead" 5,813 years before Menes, the first king of unified Egypt. Now, Menes flourished between 3,100 and 3,800 BC or perhaps, even earlier, as some specialists claim. Again, this gives a date between 11,000 and 11,600 BC, in close agreement with the one given by Plato. It is quite probable that the "Spirits of the Dead" of Manetho were indeed the survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm, the same dead ancestors that the Romans called Lemures or Lares.
    • The Hindu traditions on the Yugas, as well as the similar ones of the Persians, hold that the eras of mankind last about 12,000 years each. On the other hand, these and other traditions maintain that we now enter, in the year 2,000, the final millennium of the present era, which started just after the demise of Atlantis. So, once again, we are led to the conclusion that the Atlantean cataclysm took place between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago.
    • The Codex Troano of the Mayas, translated by Augustus le Plongeon, the celebrated Mayanist, recounts the tragedy of Lemurian Atlantis, which sunk away in a terrible cataclysm. It tells that millions of people died in the cataclysm, and that the event took place "8,060 years before the writing of this book." Supposing that the codex was written at about 1,500 BC, the start of the pre-classic Era, when the Mayan (Olmec) civilization sprung, we get a date for the cataclysm of about 11,600 BP. This is in perfect agreement with the date given by Plato. As is known, the Mayas originally came to America from an overseas paradise called Aztlan which sunk away underseas. Aztlan in visibly no other thing than Plato's Atlantis. Except that Aztlan was located beyond the Pacific, rather than the Atlantic Ocean.
    • The Ramayana - the book that tells the destruction of Lanka by Rama and Hanumant - affirms that this war took place some 10,000 years before its own times. Now, the experts agree that the Ramayana was written at about 300 BC by Valmiki. Thus, the destruction of Lanka - which is no other thing than the one of Atlantis - took place at about 12,000 BP or so, in fair agreement with the date given by Plato.
    • Hindu traditions affirm that the first sangham (poetic academy) lasted for 4,400 years. The second one for 3,700 years. And the third and last one, which ended at about the start of the Christian era, lasted for 1,850 years. This yields at total of 11,900 BP for the start of the sanghams which, tradition holds, began shortly after the Flood. Considering that the Flood corresponds to the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis, this Hindu tradition on the poetic academics confirms the date of Plato with excellent accuracy.
    • The end of the Pleistocene Ice Age - the date of whose closely coincides with the one of 11,600 BP given by Plato for Atlantis' demise - also marks the rise of agriculture, of city-building and of the Neolithic both in the Old and the New Worlds. According to a universal tradition, civilization was brought just about everywhere by white, blond, blue-eyed, titanic giants. These giants are no other than the Atlanteans fleeing their destroyed Paradise and moving into their new homelands in order to make a fresh start. As if to confirm this worldwide tradition, it is at this date that we start to find fossil skeletons of Cro-Magnoid men, so often equated with the Atlanteans. And these are found precisely the sites connected with the rise of the Neolithic and of Civilization
    • Arthur Posnansky - the German-Bolivian archaeologist who long studied Tiahuanaco, the site of origin of the Incan civilization of Peru and Bolivia - concluded that this region of the Andes was formerly a seaport which suffered an uplift of about 3,000 meters. This cataclysm happened at about 11 or 12 thousand years ago, precisely the epoch of the Atlantean demise.
    • Bruce Heezen, the famous oceanographer of the Lamont Geological Observatory, showed that sea-level underwent a rise of about 100 to 150 meters worldwide at about 11,600 BP. This rise resulted from the meltwaters of the Ice Age glaciers that covered a substantial portion of the continents in the temperate regions of the world and which were up to a few kilometers in thickness.

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    RJ, 24/07:
    I.e. in Indonesia . If this hypothesis is to hold water, why is there NO significant archaeological finds to show any evidence of significant metallurgy in the area at such a time. Traces of such complicated technology must have survived, as there is evidence for smelting in areas where things were far less advanced.

    Clay, 26/07:
    David, the answer to your question is quite simple. Academia is built on a house of cards when it comes to both finance and history. The accepted theory noted above, concerning civilization coming in the form of blue eyed white men is evidence of that. All the real evidence points to Abraham and Sarah being East Indian, and it's not beyond the bounds of reality that they were. But say that to any fanatical Christian, and they want to crucify you. No pun intended. fact is, it upsets the apple cart that they have created in order to have us all believe that they know what they are talking about because they attended "the right" college, or were taught by the "most respected" professor. All of that is simply crap. Any man of science who closes his eyes to the possible realities of what is evident is a self-centric egotistical fool, regardless of education. You wouldn't know anyone like that in higher education would you? *smile*

    David, 02/07:
    Why is it the ones who dont believe in Atlantis are usually immature and hostile towards those who doesnt lend credibility to any believe system to defend it with belligerence, and ignorance. There is not radio-isotopic anything that can prove the age of a mountain as rock is virtually un-datable by any devices yet known to man. This is why geologists still date things by layers and sediments. Besides how do you date the age of a mountain? Which are of the mountain would yield the most recent date? It's an absurd and immature idea to think you can date a mountain sample, even if you believe in the convential(and wrong) mountain building theories out there. Do you know that in 1950 roughly half of all geologists were still unconvinced that Continental drift was correct? These are trained scientists, and in fact the man who coined the theory of continental drift later admitted it was an incorrect theory.

    Three Of Five, 02/11:
    Bulshit, the Andes mountains took million years to rise from the sea level, anda not just few thousnad years. Geologic radioisotope dating proves this!

    tapaj, 16/05:
    In MAHABHARAT krishna had settled in aport state to escape from war.this port state was called DWARKA.Said to be most flourshed state of its time .its pillars wre studded with jewels.and astronishingly this state vanished into sea after death of krisna after mahabharat war. Reason sea flooded into the city.

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