The Horse Sacrifice (Atlantis in the Indies) 2

The couples mate in a peculiar way, with the male standing up or seating upright and the female lying down. The idea is that the male is the World Pillar and the female is the support or foundation. In other words, the couple forms a Cosmic Cross, with the horizontal woman representing the Sutala (“foundation”) and the upright male the Skambha (or Pillar) of Shiva Sthanu, represented as the Cosmic Pillar (Mt. Meru). The idea is already present in the Rig Veda, as the cruciform shape of Purusha, the Vedic archetype of Christ.

There can be little doubt that the Christian myth derived its Cosmic symbolism from Vedic India and from rituals and symbols such as the ones discussed above. To believe that the idea originated independently on the two sides of the world as collective archetypes is a thoroughly unscientific absurdity. Indeed, this is not far different from the notion of preternatural revelation. Besides, why would the same innate symbolism result in two thoroughly different modes of expression: the maithuna in one place and the crucifixion in the other?

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