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    Nazca figures

    nazca peru

    Stretching across the Nazca plains - like a giant map or blueprint left by ancient astronauts, lie the famous Nazca Lines of Peru. It also known as Nazca figures, Nazca Pictures and Nazca Images.

    The Nazca Lines are an engima. No one know who had built them or indeed why. Since their discovery, the Nazca Lines have inspired fantastic explanations from ancient gods, a landing strip for returning aliens, a celestial calendar, used for rituals probably related to astronomy, to confirm the ayllus or clans who made up the population and to determine through ritual their economic functions held up by reciprocity and redistribution or, a map of underground water supplies.

    There are also huge geoglyphs in Egypt, Malta, United States (Mississippi and California), Chile, Bolivia and in other countries. But the Nazca geoglyphs, because of their numbers, characteristics, dimensions and cultural continuity as they were made and remade through out the whole prehispanic period, form the most impressive as well as enigmatic archeological group.

    The Nazca Lines are located in the Pampa region of Peru, the desolate plain of the Peruvian coast which comprises the Pampas of San Jose (Jumana), Socos, El Ingenio and others in the province of Nasca, which is 400 Km. South of Lima, covers an area of approximately 450 km2, of sandy desert as well as the slopes of the contours of the Andes. They cover nearly 400 square miles of desert. Etched in the surface of the desert pampa sand about 300 hundred figures made of straight lines, geometric shapes most clearly visible from the air. They were supposedly built by an ancient civilization called the Nazca.

    The Nazca plain is virtually unique for its ability to preserve the markings upon it, due to the combination of the climate (one of the driest on Earth, with only twenty minutes of rainfall per year) and the flat, stony ground which minimises the effect of the wind at ground level. With no dust or sand to cover the plain, and little rain or wind to erode it, lines drawn here tend to stay drawn. These factors, combined with the existence of a lighter-coloured subsoil beneath the desert crust, provide a vast writing pad that is ideally suited to the artist who wants to leave his mark for eternity.

    The pebbles which cover the surface of the desert contain ferrous oxide. The exposure of centuries has given them a dark patina. When the gravel is removed, they contrast with the color underneath. In this way the lines were drawn as furrows of a lighter color, even though in some cases they became prints. In other cases, the stones defining the lines and drawings form small lateral humps of different sizes. Some drawings, especially the early ones, were made by removing the stones and gravel from their contours and in this way the figures stood out in high relief. eh, Nazca Lines.

    The concentration and juxtaposition of the lines and drawings leave no doubt that they required intensive long-term labor as is demonstrated by the stylistic continuity of the designs, which clearly correspond to the different stages of cultural changes.

    There appear to be two kinds of designs: the first are figures of various beings and things and the others form geometric lines.

    nazca figures

    nazca candelabra

    nazca whale

    nazca wedge
    Huge trapezoidal (wedge-like) designs

    The former consists of figures of animals, plants, objects, such as anthropomorphic figures of colossal proportions made with well-defined lines.

    rose nazca

    There are also drawings of flowers and plants, as well as representations of deformed animals and other strange Nazca figures.

    hum figures

    An example of this is the drawing of a weird being with two enormous hands, one normal and the other with only four fingers. Also represented are drawings of man-made objects such as yarn, looms and "tupus" (ornamental clasps). All these figures have well-defined entrances which could be used as paths or to allow people to line together along the conformations of the drawings.

    The anthropomorphic figures are relatively few and are situated on the slopes.

    nazca human figures

    The most well-known being The Astronaut at 32m length an E.T., discovered by Eduardo Herran in 1982.

    Others are The Man with a Hat and The Executioner and they also appear to be the most primitive. These figures are very similar to the small petroglyphs found in the rocky areas of the region.

    In terms of the lines, many kilometers long, they crisscross sectors of the pampas in all directions. Many of the lines form geometric figures: angles, triangles, bunches, spirals, rectangles, wavy lines, etc. Other lines form concentric circles converging with or emanating from a promontory. Other prints have formed "roads" like geometric planes and appear to have been occupied by large groups of the population.

    nazca spiral
    Spirals of consciousness? Sacred Geometry?

    nazca lines

    Many lines are random and seem to have no pattern to them. They are seen over the scattered seemingly at random over the desolate plain, crossing and intersecting for no apparent reason.

    The Nazca Lines were first spotted when commercial airlines began flying across the Peruvian desert in the 1920's. Passengers reported seeing 'primitive landing strips' on the ground below. Today people sometimes fly in hot air balloons to view the splendors of the Nazca Lines, their eneries awakening something within their souls.


    nazca figures map

    1. Killer Whale
    2. Wing
    3. Baby Condor
    4. Bird
    5. Animal
    6. Spiral
    7. Lizard
    8. Tree
    9. Hands
    10. Spiral
    11. Spider
    12. Flower
    13. Dog
    14. Astronaut
    15. Triangle
    16. Whale
    17. Trapazoids
    18. Star
    19. Pelican
    20. Bird
    21. Trapazoid
    22. Hummingbird
    23. Trapezoid
    24. Monkey
    25. Llama
    26. Trapezoids


    Maria Reiche - Astronomical Calendar - She was the most famous Nazca Researcher. Lines should show in direction of the rising of important stars and planetary events like sun solstices.

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    gerald jackson, 21/05:
    that drawing you have with of the nasca lines,one of the drawings is labeled trapazoid an arrow with rocket cone behind it.guess what there is and old painting called the nuremburg ufos,in the painting there is a painted ufo,it is a long arrow with a rocket like cone on the back of it.

    Nosybob, 16/03:
    Thanks! This lly helped with my report!

    chryssy, 04/03:
    wow thanks this is realy helpful forme and my social studies report thanks agin :)

    mick, 03/12:
    hi, im tommy. this is good. thanks

    Larus, 17/07:
    The Nazca are are truly amazing. The newly discovered massive grid type network of lines on a desert in Egypt are is equely impressive, Lines or ancient canals 25 to 30 feet wide and equely spaced miles long .

    Jet, 30/06:
    a little fyi; an anime series (japanese cartoon) has made important references to these lines; in Yu-gi-oh 5Ds, they're called Earthbound Gods Earthbound Immortals in the US and the ones used are the astronaut (cpac apu), hummingbird (aslla piscu), monkey (cusillu), orca/killer whale (chacu challua), spider (uru), lizard (ccarayhua) and the condor (wiraqocha rasca). Probably one of the main reasons why several people started to get interested in the nazca lines is because of that show.

    Arcana, 21/06:
    10-year-old is right. They are the Earthbound Immortals. they do come to life.

    Vikki, 16/04:
    I love putting my tongue on anyones hard on. ;)

    richard, 17/03:
    oh i just want to put my tongue all over that hard on

    Chad, 11/02:
    I just got back from vacation and I saw them in person! it was awesome! it gave me a hard-on!

    Betty, 11/11:
    I find this very interesting. My step-son, wife and friends just returned from Peru and was telling me all about it. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

    Tracy, 04/11:
    Wow they fasinate me!

    ashley, 04/10:
    WOW, these drawings are so pretty!!!!

    Hey, 18/09:
    Also, most (probably all) ancient civilizations worshipped beings from the sky (sun god, etc) it could be, that they were building these "pictures" for their gods....And then again, it might also be that "aliens" and "god" are really all the same........

    Anthony Colbourne, 01/09:
    If the Nazca lines converge at points near the river, they could have been standing around the river's edge waiting for the spring water to flow... Watching the stars in the evening. When the water finally starts to flow, they make a note of where the stars were in the sky so they have a better idea of when to expect the water to return in the years to come. As they were watching the sky, waiting for the water to return each year, they no doubt observed many events happening in the night sky. The most obvious events would be meteors and comets. I wouldn't be surprised if the comets gushing tails (as we have seen them do quite repeatedly and explosively recently) were imagined to be whales spouting water. I will have to look at the image of the whale they marked on the Nazca plain again, but I wouldn't be surprised to find a line passing through the whale at the point where the spout comes out of the whale, to mark the visible point of the "comet" spout. And the Spider, if you look at the back and the head, the larger round back is the Earth and the Head is a crescent moon. The arms and legs are the tracks of a giant meteor as it circles the visible horizon of the earth, then appears again on the other side of the earth and heads toward the moon, where it then circles the moon, disappearing behind one side of the moon and reappearing on the other side. The many legs represent a repeating of the cicuits of the meteor. The long leg off to the right is the meteor approaching the earth and being caught in the Earth's gravity. They believed the moon was actually a floating mountain that was somehow connected to the earth..shown as the body of the spider connecting the Earth and the Moon. I would like to hear from anyone with any input into any of these theories. Anthony Colbourne

    mocingnes, 07/04:
    you all do know that all that might be is simply just the writings of and anchent and forgot lingo. i meen serisly who ACTUALY beleaves that they were made by aliens?

    jake, 18/03:
    wow that's cool

    the illustrator, 19/01:
    ***They were obviously made by the Peruvians themselves to attract attention and gain more visitors. That is the most plausible thing. Or they must've been very good artists. And the "astronaut" just looks like a large man...maybe a dipiction of an overweight individual. Or they were just great at proportions and art and could really visulaize how it'd turn out. Or maybe they actually did have other visitors, you don't actually expect we're the only ones in this infinite universe? After all the signs are everywhere***

    patrick, 10/11:
    wow i like all these ideas and definitly curiouses but the thing that amazes me most these are so old these lines and the things they depict are impossible south america didnt have whales, monkeys, dogs, or a lot of these images idk the point is it most likely is an ancient religous symbol or a way of communication religous animals and sacrafice perhaps and a communication to aliens or something for example the one line that looks like a runway someone already said it, they didnt have any known form of flight so how and why would they need a runway? still of course the most amazing thing is how this culture did these amazing things, perfectly straight lines for miles and miles and then for them to just disappear off the face of the planet.... well if you would like to talk with me about this more my e-mail is put NAZCA in the subject or something so i dont just delete it --pat

    deviboo, 01/11:
    curious is totally right... in my opinion.. i noticed that the monkey only had four fingers on one hand and five on the other. but what are they warning us from? what do all these pictures connect to? and why are they put in those certain spots? if they really wanted to warn us why didnt they just write it down? and when will this horible thing happen? i cant comprehend any other reason to why the pictures are there....

    tridecalogism, 29/10:
    I agree with curious. They're here to warn us about something. What would happen if they took a picture of all the figures? I know it's done, but what if they went as high as they could until the images were just barely visible and took it? Put all the pictures together, adn then look. Maybe all of the random lines and pictures show an even bigger picture. But what could they be warning us? Maybe, like 10-year-old said, the books by Anthony Horowitz are right in a way. It says that every 10 thousand years all the stars will align with the lines except for one. What if that did come true? What would happen?

    Koolroo, 29/10:
    You ask Why? Why does anyone do anything? Because they can. Because they want to be remembered forever. It's not much different to wanting to be the city with the tallest building in the world - there's no good reason, it's just because...

    yo, 19/10:
    En mi opinion a mi me gustan las mujeres

    10-year-old, 02/05:
    Question? if you can only see the lines from way up in the air, and the incas couldnt fly, why are they here. unless Anthony Horowits is right in his book, Evilstar (good book) and the animals in the lines come to life, im stumped.

    veto, 19/01:
    theres one that shows a large resemblance to a dog which if i am correct were not introduced to the america's untill the europeans came.. that is except wolves also .. some of this kinda makes me think it is a hoax or something... after all with the airplanes flying over the area why was the spaceman only discouvered in 1985? oh well.. makes you think doesnt it?

    curious, 24/12:
    i think that the nazca lines were put there to warn us about something. the lines were there to protect and warn us. for example if the incas did make the nazca lines to warn us, take the monkey for example on one hand it only has 4 fingers on one hand... this is a deformity which is a warning. i belive this was not just a mistake i belive that it is trying to contact us in some way to warn us.

    R, 13/10:
    Maybe they made the nazca lines so the Inti (sun god) en the Quilla (moon godess) could 'see' them

    Heart-A-Gram, 06/10:
    This site has the best pictures of places. If olny it had the places i needed!

    bevo, 19/09:
    that not me but that pic of alien is cute . im really very hot

    Sunshine, 30/08:
    Yeah i agree with raynebow. How do you think the nazca lines were made?

    Raynebow, 30/08:
    Do we know for sure that the Inca's made the nazca lines?My favorite is the monkey i respect people that respect animals!!

    Craig, 06/03:
    Fingerprints of the Gods, a must read for those with an interest - opens your mind !

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