Inca pyramids in Peru. Inca

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    Pyramids in Peru

    Peru is a spiritual land where pyramids can be found. The pyramids of Peru had the same functions as those found in other areas of the planet where once great civilizatons existed. Most were used as places of worship to the Gods having rituals (at various equinoxes and solstices) - and ceremonial rites of various kinds. Theories about the Pyramids in Peru place their creation in the same timeline as the Nazca Lines.

    Many of these pyramids had flat tops looking much like those found in Mexico. Often they were built on a place where the Earth energies were high - specific grid points following the measurements of Sacred Geometry

    Huallamarca Pyramid


    Rumors of a vast hoard of gold prompted the famous Norwegian scientist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl to investigate the area around Tucume in northern Peru.

    The result was an incredible new archaeological discovery of 26 pyramids. In this documentary, Dr. Heyerdahl works with his usual enthusiasm and thoroughness to chart and excavate the area involved, assisted by international experts and hundreds of local workers and young students who are also taking part in the excavation work. Forty tombs pre-dating the arrival of the Spaniards were opened, and enough Inca and Chimu artifacts unearthed to justify the building of a museum at Tucume.

    Heyerdahl has already drawn some interesting conclusions from these finds, many of which help to maintain how various parts of this vast continent were able to establish and maintain contact with one another, as well as how seafarers in prehistoric times forged links between different civilizations. Four burial chambers in the 600 meter long Huaca Larga pyramid were excavated. Inside the burial chambers the bodies of 16 female weavers sacrificed to the gods were found.

    The area near Tucume consists of 26 massive pyramids which suggest a civilization that flourished in the now endless desert for perhaps more than 1,500 years. It is the most extensive archaeological work ever undertaken by Heyerdahl. He and his team have barely scratched the surface and the project will require many years of excavation work before it is completed. It is not surprising that archaelogists from around the world are watching with keen interest Heyerdahl's excavation project at Tucume, and some consider this to be the most interesting excavation site on the American continent.

    Pachacamac Pyramid - with ramp

    Ichimay Culture; had a Magic-Religious function of adobe brick.

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