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    The Tibetan calendar is so similar to the Mayan that traditional scholars now speculate that they share a common origin. The Vedic calendar is based on cosmic cycles, or Yugas. An ancient Hindu astrology used 27 houses of 13 degrees 20 minutes, which are key numbers in the Mayan calendar.

    These calendars provided a time management tool that synchronized planetary cycles with visits from the stars. The Dogon calendar identified the 12 or 13th Century as the date of last visit; the Mayan calendar identified July 11, 1991, as an upcoming date of visit. Both of these dates coincided with significant planetary cycles.

    The cultures visited by the Galactic Maya were shamanic. Ancient Hebraic instructions for building altars and using precious and semiprecious stones are identical to those used by Native Americans. The ancient Tibetans were shamanic. The Dogon and Maya are shamanic. The Galactic Maya were shamanic.

    Ancient Hebraic instructions for building altars and using precious and semiprecious stones are identical to those used by Native Americans. The ancient Tibetans were shamanic. The Galactic Maya were shamans of planetary sciences, Cosmic Shamans who understood and utilized the cosmic flow of events. Their secrets were left with shaman in cultures who held the keys of their sciences. Until now the shaman's craft has appeared as superstition that scattered before the power of European-based science. But that same science has now brought planet to her knees in destruction of the biosphere.


    The Cosmic Shaman of galactic culture returned from the sky on July 11, 1991 to signal the time. Dialogs with extraterrestrials and those they came to awaken contain many keys that unlock the calendars and heal the planet. One of the keys came out of an extraterrestrial contact when the contactee asked how the craft operated. He was told that the extraterrestrial craft operated on the principles of sequences per cycle. That's a pretty good definition of time and ties into the reports that many ETs are time travelers.

    The premise of the Mayan calendar was sequences and cycles in planetary and galactic events. The Dreamspell is a galactic-solar calendar of cosmic relationships as they relate to planets and life forms. The Mayan concept of time was radically different than the European and particularly the Euro-American with its growing perception of time as a digital readout. The Mayan calendar was a self evidencing model of reality that encompassed an array of sequences and cycles. The Dreamspell, evolved from the Mayan calendar, crests the timewave in a magniflcent solar spiral Timeship Earth 2013.

    Ancient Maya Knowledge for This Prophetic Time

    Date: November 2, 2002
    Place: American Museum of Natural History, New York City
    Speakers: Mayan Mam Elders from the highlands of Guatemala - Keepers of Records and Time

    Gerardo Kanek Barrios

    Mercedes Barrios Longfellow

    Who are the Elders?

    The Elders are the people who hold the knowledge and the prophecies. They can be children or adults. They can be born into any family. They were not allowed to comment on any of their prophecies until now. They know how to gather the knowledge in the pyramids which are on a vortex.

    Over 20 years ago, Gerardo Barrios began a quest to compare the ancient Maya calendars. He traveled to different villages in Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Salvador and Honduras searching for the most traditional Maya elders of the different nations of the Maya people. These elders have retained knowledge of the calendars since the beginning of their history. Some of these elders live in remote, isolated villages that required days of walking through the woods on footpaths. Some are still living in caverns. Gerardo wanted to know if their calendars were all using the same count. With minor variations for language and names, he discovered they were.

    As a part of this search, in 1984 he and 9 other Maya Elders traveled to the Cuchumatanes Sierra of Guatemala to a village where the traditional Maya Elders have dedicated their lives to keeping the sacred Nimajay (house of prayer) fire for over 1000 years.

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