Mayan calendar and prophecies

They maintain this fire 24 hours a day as a prayer of peace to the earth and its inhabitants. After five days’ walk through deep forest, they reached this village. The Elders there had known through their own visions that this group was coming and greeted them. Of the ten men who had journeyed there, five were called into the Nimajay. Gerardo was one of these.

Inside the Nimajay, the Chimbam (higher authority) Elder took Gerardo aside and talked to him. In this and two later visits, he introduced Gerardo to the prophecy of the Feathered Serpent Kukulkan, a snake-like sacred earth energy that moves through the land. The Maya Elder who had begun to work with Gerardo explained how this energy arises periodically and showed him on their calendar and on a map that Gerardo had brought with him when and where it had appeared.

Later, when Gerardo tracked these times and places through history, he found events such as the great spiritual awakening of Tibet in the 50’s, the anti-Vietnam War movement of the 60’s, and people such as Martin Luther King. These events correlated with the ancient prophecies.

The Chimbam Elder’s revelations and instructions would profoundly affect the course of Gerardo’s life. He began the work assigned to him.

The story continues with a second thread.

As an adult, Mercedes had moved to the United States from Guatemala. After living here for awhile, she heard the call of her ancestry to return to her native country and her roots there. She searched for the Elders she had once known as a child and young person. After two years’ work she met Gerardo. He told her his story and the prophecy and they began to work together as friends and colleagues.

Gerardo and Mercedes have devoted their lives to sharing the ancestral knowledge. Part of this is the teaching of the Maya Calendars, of which there are 20. Only 15 of them may be spoken of at this time.

Mayan Calendars

Mayans track 20 different cycles (calendars) of varying durations, which have to do with plants, humans, prophecies, numerics, solar system, galaxy, universe and the divine to name a few. There are a total of 20 calendars. The 20 calendars can be used to understand our mission in this dimension.

One of the calendars is the sacred CHOLQIJ – HUMAN – calendar. Gerardo and Mercedes share the commitment to teach this Calendar now, during this critical time of change when Mother Earth is cleansing from the damage humanity has caused.

How can this calendar be of help to us now? This calendar represents 13 forces and 20 energies. Each day has a glyph (an energy) and a number (a force). The glyphs of the 20 days resonate with a particular animal or bird as well. Studying the energy in association with its force in sequence guides us to a deeper understanding of the different vibration of each day.

The human calendar has 260 day cycles. 13 X 20 = 260 days = 9 months = gestation period for a human being. No two days have the same force or energy. The calendar has a perfect count. It represents the energies governing the human body. It has been in existence for millions of years. It is actually used in glyph form and has been since the beginning of time. The Elders say that the first wise humans visualized cycles of life that repeat – some short and some extremely long.

The calendar can be used to plan certain activities. Certain days empower a certain energy and other diminish the energy. Some days are good for resting and so on.

We begin to enter into it. Holding awareness of it, we find which times are propitious to accomplish tasks at hand and which times we need to avoid traps and dangers. Holding consciousness of the energy of the day deepens our awareness of the Earth and brings us in contact with ourselves as beings in synchronicity with Earth’s rhythms. We sense our place here and the place of other human beings, other animals and plants, the other living kingdoms with whom we share our planet. We naturally, then, become more aware of ourselves as caretakers of the Earth, in harmony with Her, compassionately envisioning not only what we need, but the balance of needs of all beings in this and future times.

According to Maya Cosmovision, as we become aware of the different vibrations of the Earth we will become connected with all Life.

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