The Whirling Mountain of the Navajos 3

Indeed, we really have a case of “revelation” here. But the “Angels” or “Civilizing Heroes” are very real indeed, and not at all a figment of someone s imagination. They are all too human who fell desperately in love with the daughters of the (other) humans, the survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed and sunk away Atlantis, the true site of Paradise.

Of course, this Paradise call it Atlantis, Eden, Yvymaraney, Aztlan, Atala, or Land of the Sun was not found before, because it sunk away in the Flood, and disappeared in fact, just as told in the Bible. But it survived in Man s imagination and in the religions and sacred traditions of everywhere. This blessed place was called the Terrestrial Paradise, and has nothing to do with the imaginary Celestial Paradise promised the dead by the official religions, and which is a purely spiritual reality.

Again, like this Paradise, Atlantis, has also not been found up to now. But this is not because it did not exist or left no traces whatsoever, but because it has been sought in the wrong places, in the opposite side of the world from where it indeed lies. In fact, as all traditions affirm, when correctly interpreted, that Atlantis-Eden indeed lay in the Land of Dawn, the Island of Fire that is also that of volcanoes, of Sati (or Dawn or Vesta), the Great Mother who committed suicide by throwing herself in the funereal pyre of her husband. And this beautiful allegory which was turned into the Hindu ritual of sati (“sutee”) which so shocked the Europeans in India is merely a personification of the primordial engulfment of Atlantis by its fiery volcano.

Seek, and Ye Shall Find

The only viable explanation for the identity of the Navajo traditions and the ones of India and Indonesia is the natural one of diffusion. And, as illustrated in their mandalas themselves, this diffusion starts from a center; the very Center portrayed there. Any other attempted explanation can only lead to paradox and obscurity, as they all have, up to now.

But, if the Center the so-called Terrestrial Paradise really existed, why not accept what Tradition obsessively tells us, and adopt the traditional names such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Eden, the Isles of the Blest, and so on? Why reject the reality of such places just because we deem the natives stupid and mischievous, and refuse to accept their holy traditions as true fact? Has the fact that we forgot our own traditions the ones we repeat mechanically in our religious rituals, like apes, as a sort of Cargo Cult something to do with our scorn of them? Or do we fear to be deemed even more stupid than the natives we oppress and rob, not only of their possessions, but even of their religious traditions, forcing them to accept our own white-suprematist, Judeo-Christian ones?

It is obvious that all our attempts to locate these holy sites in the Far Occident or in the Middle East have so far failed miserably. Why not, then seek in the right spots, in the Far Orient so clearly mentioned in the Bible and elsewhere? It is in India and in Indonesia that Atlantis and Lemuria, the two Centers of Primordial Civilization are to be found, and nowhere else.

If we indeed want to find the site of Paradise the supreme endeavor of all truly great sages of the past we should do what the Heroes did, and search it in the Indies. And if we do it, we shall find, as a surplus, that all the ancient Paradises are but one, that of Eden, in the region of India and Indonesia. Most of it sunk away, as we detail elsewhere. For, all true traditions are but one: the Primordial Tradition that came down to us from the dawn of Mankind as the legacy of our Atlantean forefathers.

And this Tradition is that of Eden or Atlantis, precisely as related by Plato. Why should we persist in deeming Paradise and Atlantis unreal an outright lie of our ancestors of old and of the stupid natives when all the geological, the geophysical and the anthropological evidence unequivocally indicates that it indeed existed?

How can anyone seriously believe that the beautiful sandpainted mandalas of the Navajo Indians and their many symbolic counterparts in the Americas and elsewhere representing the Holy Mountain of Paradise in exactly the same way, the same sacred geometry, the same symbolism, and the same techniques (sandpainting, “side-elevation” projection) can have originated independently from the ones of India and Indonesia?

The only alternative explanation is through divine inspiration. But why would God cheat us, and inspire a Paradise that never was but in our wildest hopes? I, for one, refuse to believe that God would cheat and delude us with illusions and unreal chimaeras, just for fun. Why does the Bible tell, just as the Navajo traditions, of a Terrestrial Paradise, if it only exists in the never-never-land of Heaven. How come the two distant traditions invented the same lie on opposite sides of the world, independently and more or less simultaneously?

More exactly, this enormous mass of evidence all points towards the Far Orient, the true Land of Sunrise, the Land of Dawn, our dawn, the dawn of Mankind. There the Sun of Civilization and Intelligence first rose and shone, with the brightness of a thousand suns, as shiny and as scorching as the volcano that later destroyed it irreparably. There the Phoenix first awakened and rose, crossing from the ancestral Heliopolis into its replicas elsewhere, into Egypt, the Near East, Polynesia, Europe, and even the distant Americas, as we just saw.

Copyright 1997 Arysio Nunes dos Santos

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