Atlantis Channelings

Gordon-Michael Scallion

The Journey of Om from Dream Voyager

Atlantis lasted almost 250,000 years from its first age to its final days, the last of its islands going beneath the seas around 9,000 years ago.

This means that if you reincarnated into the Earth realms during the past quarter million years, the odds are high that you lived in Atlantis for one or more lifetimes.

Since the culture of Atlantis existed through nearly 10 grand cycles of the “precession of the equinoxes”, you may have spent literally hundreds of lives in Atlantis or its colonizes.

Atlantis was not the only civilized society on Earth. In the Pacific area you may experienced lives in a land called Lemuria.

Cycles repeat, and the same stellar energies that governed the last days of Atlantis have have come full cycle again. Atlantean souls began returning to Earth during the past century in numbers significant enough to affect the development of many nations on Earth–especially technological nations such as Germany, the United States, England, and Russia.

Long ago, the Atlanteans understood the “precession of the equinoxes” and the resulting cataclysm far better than we do. They embarked on a project that took more than 100 of our current years to complete. Far from their Atlantean homelands in a region they knew to be safe from the Earth changes– they built a time capsule–a message to help future humans understand what had happened.

They knew the mistakes they had made for themselves at that time. But it was too late to stop the destruction, for the greater Earth changes had already come, destroying their homelands and the great civilizations they had built.

They knew earth changes would surely happen again, as the precession reached its apex once more, 13,000 years hence. They built their time capsule to last–to warn future generations in time to avoid the mistakes the Atlanteans made, and save civilization from destruction.

The Atlantean time capsule was not merely a building but a “machine” of sorts–and instrument which could foretell when the same fate would come to those of the future– the people of the 20th century. This is the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.

According to my source, the Great Pyramid was constructed over 12,500 years ago. My dream voyages have shown that the Great Pyramid is an Atlantean instrument conceived by Ra, a priest from the land of Dar, and engineered by Thoth (Hermes) from Atlantis. Construction was carried out by a work force of native Egyptians and the black races of people known as the Nubians and Zuleans who occupied the east and west banks of the southern Nile River.

If the cycle is to repeat –the changes will come swiftly and without warning. In Atlantis 95% of the population was lost to the waters.

Going back in time some 225,000 years-as time is reckoned from the present–we meet the entity Om, the great leader of an ancient race known as At-el, preparing to meet not only his own destiny but the destiny of the world.

Living in the region we now know as Tibet, the At-el are primitive by our standards. They are a brave and noble culture of hunter-gathers, small in stature, compared to the race of giants who dominate the Earth at this time.

The At-el have skin the color of bronze, with deep penetrating eyes, that are black or gray. They are similar in appearance to the Native Americans that lived in the Mississippi basin at the turn of our 18th century. They stand, on average, only about 5 and 1/2 feet tall, though their heads are larger, even, than ours today.

The At-el people live in small family clans that banded together, making up the single tribe. These clans have evolved directly from soul groups–entities who are reincarnated lifetime after lifetime into the same families–though to be sure, new souls do enter, so the clans continue to grow in size, over time, and new clans are often created.

During this time in Earth’s history, the consciousness of humanity is much different than ours today. Where today our individual memories are built up in us from birth, such is not the case with At-el, for they are a group-memory race of people.

Each member of each At-el clan is deeply connected to their specific soul group incarnate. The total memories of the clan are accessible to each individual in the clan, and is from birth. As each clan member experiences new things, these are added– or remembered –within the collective consciousness of the clan.

Individual thought is also present in the At-el people, but only as it interacts with their share of memories. The group-memory of each clan flows and swells constantly – each experience is accessible to all, and owned by no one.

Now, the collective memories of one clan–or soul group– of the At-el can not be felt or seen by those in other clans, except for the rare individual who has the gift of this unusual ability. The entity Om is such a person, and as such, he is considered to be a leader of the people. With his great knowledge and memory of all the clans, he may speak for the tribe to mother Earth, and to all the elements, which the At-el see as Gods.


It is during the festival dedicated to the element fire– on the 10th full moon in the 13 lunar months of the At-el year – that Om will experience something like no other At-el, indeed, like no other entity on Earth, has ever experienced at a festival, or anywhere else for that matter.

At festival time, the collective joyful memories are often induced amongst clan members, not unlike our experience of sharing an album of family pictures with friends and family, laughing together and remembering the good times had by all.

The whole tribe congregates at festival time, creating, for once, a new experience of love and joy that can be shared by everyone.

For the ‘celebration of fire’, the largest hut –the At-el temple–is set up to receive the congregation, and a large stone altar is placed in the center. Wood and crushed stones have been prepared the previous day, and are now placed into the stone basin at the foot of the altar and lit. The leader, Om, enters the altar area, and begins his dancing and chanting.

It is in this manner that Om usually leads the tribe to dance and chant and after some time signals the rest to join with him. As the chanting increases in power, Om begins to receive visions from the ‘collective memories’ of all the clans present. When Om receives these memories at the festival, he is able to pass them on to others– his visions become their visions. This is taught by the At-el’s to be a gift from their Gods, the great elements.

At this particular festival of fire, Om dances and chants, and as the others join in, the air is thick with the images and joyful memories that flow from clan to clan throughout the festival circle, and a great happiness comes over all of those in attendance.

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