Atlantis Channelings

For even when an At-el memory contains negative images, it is always interpreted as positive in the end. Even in facing death, a clan member is seen to be overcoming obstacles through his or her strength, bravery, or stealth. And back through the generations of the clans, each act is remembered with fierce pride and good feelings.

As the images begin to fade this time, something startling happens. Om begins to receive new memories–memories foreign to him and all of the clan of At-el. Those who share his thought cry out, because they do not understand what they are seeing. The joyous dancing and chanting stops abruptly. These visions are not from the group memories at all! These are images of places and people never seen before – these are not of the At-el.

Nothing like this has ever happened before, and for once, the At-el are afraid. Some of the people run from the temple. Others stand motionless, tears running down their faces. Many look to Om for guidance. Where had these visions come from? What are they? Om, does not know, but he is not afraid. His strength clams the people who witness it, and this spread– as group-memory–to the rest of the clan’s people. And one by one those who remained, slowly back away from Om and out of the temple.

After the festival, the tribe goes on with daily life as if nothing has occurred.

The memory of what happened has been stored away in the clan’s consciousness – safely out of mind until invoked at some future festival, when once again that which is not of one’s own soul group may be shared by all. Only Om is left with the strange vision still lingering in his mind. And like all wise leaders, he is thoughtful, and waits.


One lunar cycle having passed, the next festival commences– the festival of air. As he has many times before, Om begins the celebration by chanting and dancing. The group-memories come to him, as always, and the others begin to experience the shared imagery of the tribe. This time, however–just as it occurred during the festival of Fire–images of strange people, their lands, and their homes fill the minds of the At-el clans people. As the vision unfolds, they recognize Om in the foreign place, and witness the strange, tall people bowing down to him–a symbol of respect for his power– and the fear that had been presented in the clans is gone.

With this experience, a new seed of consciousness has evolved, not only in At-el, but in all the races of the world. For time is not linear, but circular; memory is not only a link to the past, but to the future as well. From this point forward, each clan member would be able to recall events yet to come–through Om’s connection–and thereby become part of his new memory. Om does not understand entirely what is occurring, but now that he has seen himself in the images, he knows that what he has seen is the future, not an alternate past, and that he must be patient to learn what to do next. It is his job to lead his people forward, to meet the strangers in the dream visions, and so meet with his destiny.


The temple is prepared for the water celebration, and a large stone bowl is placed in the center of the hut. Water from the mountain streams has been placed in the basin, and the ceremonial ladles, carved of wood, rests along side it. From these ladles, each clan member will drink to the element water, sharing in its bounty.

Om enters the altar and begins his dance and chant. A strange look comes over him, and all those in attendance watch him with curiosity. No one joins in. As Om continues to dance, his chanting voice filling the temple, images unlike any he has seen before once again flood his mind. Quiet and motionless, all of the people of the clans of At-el share his sight. Om sees some of the tall, almost giant people of his two previous visions, and a strange building that seems to move and sway on a great body of water such as never been witnessed by the At-el.

Om is present once again, and he lives in the floating building with the giant people. There are many At-el present too. Abruptly, the vision changes and the large entity wearing clothing totally foreign in style speaks to Om. He says that Om is now about to embark on a now marvelous quest. Once completed, his journey will enable all of the world to enter an age of joyful coexistence, and the great elements will be in harmony with all tribes everywhere.


The entity in Om’s vision instructs him to take half the At-el tribe—1,555 clans people—on a journey that will lead to a new land located in the middle of a great sea. In order to do this, however, they must first travel far into the west, to an unknown land called Zu.

There they are to meet a strange-looking people who sometimes live in even stranger-looking buildings that move upon the water. Upon arriving in Zu, situated on the coast of what we now call the Arabian Sea,Om will meet the leader of the Zu people, and from there he and the At-el who traveled with him will be guided to the new land.

Om and his followers leave on the next lunar cycle, at the time of the festival of Earth. It is the height of the celebration, but Om is not presiding. The evolution of consciousness has already begun, and there are now others to lead the chanting and dancing for those that are left behind. It is understood that this parting is joyous, and the clans that are staying behind wish well to the ones who are going away. The travelers set out of their homeland on foot, under a full moon. Years will pass before they reach their destination.

The summer zenith and a bright, full moon usher Om, and his surviving followers into the foreign land they seek. At the coast, they are met by the Zulean people of the visions. They are a tall, black-skinned people, with high foreheads, deeply recessed penetrating brown eyes, and large lips. The colossal Olmecs statues–still found in the world today–closely resemble the ancient race of Zu.

Although the Zu are at first fearful of the strange visitors, Om and the other At-el clans people are quickly welcomed into the Zu culture.The leader of the Zu, called Un Towee, has experienced a prophecy describing Om and his followers, and instructs him to aid them when they arrived.

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