Atlantis Channelings

“You are now viewing the Dome of Light in operation. I this way, it captures the solar emanations within its field.

The students watch the hologram in amazement, as Ec-kar continues his lessons.

“The reason we are here is not only to introduce you to Atlantean technology, but to let you experience another benefit of this great power – soul travel.

Together, as time- travelers, we will now return to a period of history when this Dome of Light was used to create what – even now – you would consider miracles. Realize that these ‘miracles’ are still possible today, but due to your caste system they are not available to any of you, your families, or indeed your countries. In fact, even my own caste position enforces certain restrictions pertaining to this technology. This is simply the way of things.

“While relatively small, the image of the Dome that you now look upon represents, nevertheless, a power source unequaled on our planet. This technology is trusted only to those in the Energy Ministry caste. Since its invention, it has brought both miracles, and destruction to not only our land, but the world. I tell you this, my friends, so that you may understand that with power comes responsibility – one that we as a nation did not always follow.”

A student raises her hand.

“Yes, Ma-Riel?”

“I have observed the Valix craft many times, and that is does not have an operator of any type. How can this be? And how is it that it runs so silently, floating above the ground as it does? Those my from country say it is magic, and that the Atlantean magicians are to be feared.”

Ec-Kar moves closer to the class as he responds. “Ma-Riel, that which is misunderstood often creates fear. ‘Magic’ is merely a way of explaining what is feared . . .the unknown.”

“How does the Valix, the people-transporter, work?” asks Ma-Riel.

Ec-Kar responds, “The Valix, and indeed all Atlantean technologies, operate through the Dome of Light. Each transport-vessel draws energy from the nearest Dome. Once accessed, power is transferred to the ‘motivational instruments’ inside the Valix craft. Amplifiers are embedded throughout the outer skin of the vessel, and these circuits create an opposing gravitational force that interacts with the Earth. This lifts the craft. For most uses, the Valix are automated and follow preprogrammed routes. No operator is required.”

Jalaum for the Ur, raises his hand and asks, “Ec-Kar, is there a distance limit for the transporters?”

“For ground transports, remote operation is possible to the horizon. For air transports, the outer atmosphere is the only limitation for the ring of the Domes created in our land serve as a network. Each contains the others.”

“The Dome of light was originally designed to communicate with intelligences existing in alternative realities, and ultimately, with the Creator.”

“Did this work?” asks another student.

“Yes. We were able to follow a departed Atlantean from the moment of his death to his next reality. We broke contact only just prior to his return to Earth in a new incarnation. You must realize that the Dome of Light, while it may appear to be a marvel to you, is simply an instrument that allows us to do what our ancestors accomplished with the power of only their minds. For in the early days of Earth, we were much closer to the Creator.”

“What other ways is the Dome of Light used?” asks a pupil named Panter.

Ec-Kar gesturing to the east, says, “Though we are but a few minutes walk from the ocean here, the temperature outside is quite high today. Yet it is comfortable 70 degrees everywhere within these Halls! As I have shared, light has its opposite, and energy exists in both, so is the case in all Nature. Through a process called hysteresis, the temperature is controlled to a very fine degree. The same process is used in all Atlantean structures – from the valix transporters, the the homes and buildings.”

“Are there educational uses? can the Dome make us smarter?” asks Du-Ta-Rahn.

“Intelligence is made up of ingredients, like a cake. Is it part genetic, part experience, part diet, part environment, and part soul-development. All of these parts, however, can be overridden by will. Your will. Do not ever allow yourself to be confused on this important point: whatever you will yourself to do or to be, you shall become. It is one of the divine laws of Nature.

“There are several educational uses for the Domes. Depending upon an individual’s caste, for example, the Textile Ministry may allow for a robe of learning to be assigned. These are woven so as to make the wearer into a receiver.

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