Atlantis Channelings

Lesson Five: Hall of Images

A virtual-reality library where all Atlantean history may be accessed as holographic imagery.

The sea fills the Halls of Ata-Ruumn, bringing with it the aroma of fresh oranges, just delivered by-transport from the colonies. Students move briskly through the corridors, disappearing into respective halls. Ec-kar’s pupils wait at the entrance to the Hall of Images. At the appointed time, their teacher arrives, and they follow him silently into the Hall.

It is a huge room–a perfect cube, one hundred feet in every direction–and fashioned from limestone blocks. Ec-Kar bows gently to his students, acknowledging their presence, and moves directly to a control instrument on one side of the great room. Without a word, he places his hands over a panel carved with strange symbols his students have never seen before.

He selects one of the symbols and passes his small chubby hands over it; an expectant silence fills the Hall.

Following Ec-kar’s gaze they turn towards the center of the room, watching as the bright clear light gradually appears in the empty air at the middle of the space. As the light grows in intensity, colors appear and radiate outward, up to the ceiling, – a hundred feet high – and out to the walls, bathing the students and Ec-Kar in a rainbow glow. In a matter of seconds the light disappears, suddenly replaced by what appears to be an enormous, and very solid, dome-shaped structure.

Some of the students turn towards their teacher questioningly unable to accept what is occurring. Others just stare. The dome is a golden vision, slowly rotating, as if barely floating above the floor. The massive structures seems immovable; yet, it has materialized from thin air and it spins, propelled by an unseen force. To these students, many from less advanced cultures of their regions, what what appears before them is unbelievable. For here in the grand Hall of Images, is the secret of Atlantis’ power – the Dome of Light.

Ec-Kar moves slowly towards the dome, and upon reaching it, turns to face his class. “My friends, the purpose of our visit to the Hall today is to prepare you for a different type of journey than any of you have ever experienced. At our last meeting, I said that you would have an opportunity to recall your soul’s journey through many lifetimes. But in order for this to occur, you must first be well-prepared for such a journey – just as many of you prepared for your travels from the distant lands you call home to At-Ruumn.”

Ec-Kar is standing only a few feet from the Dome of Light. Although the class now understands that the dome is only a holographic image, it still looks very real, and the size of it – hovering as it does behind Ec-kar – seems rather menacing, dwarfing their teacher’s otherwise imposing stature.

He continues. “For thousands of years, the Dome of Light has enabled our land to enjoy its great riches. And while we have shared many of the fruits derived from this technology with those outside our land, we cannot share its specific engineering principles. Shortly, you will understand why. But, in order to comprehend what I am about to share with you, you will need to stretch your minds to accept possibilities which are, perhaps, beyond your wildest imaginings.

“Let us begin today’s lesson. For every energy there is an equal and opposite energy. Just, as the day brings light, the opposite is true for night. Now, between light and dark there is a neutral, or transference point. It is within this transference point that the secret technology of the Dome of Light may be found. Let us look at one of Nature’s marvelous examples of the energy transference – gravity. The Earth receives various emanations from the sun and sends back to the sun its opposite force. The gravity we all take for granted on Earth is one effect of the rays moving through the sun – Earth continuum.

“The Dome of Light works in a similar fashion by capturing and holding the energy at the moment of transference between star energy and its converted opposite. The captured energy is stored in containment chambers buried deep beneath the Dome to use any way we choose.”

Ec-Kar pauses, to see that the class understands, before he continues.

“Through the tuning devices we use aboard our Valix craft, and in our homes and buildings, the Dome of Light transmits the power generated via ultraviolet waves, thus propelling our ships, cooling and heating our cities, or allowing for communications. The power is immediately transferred, whatever the need. However, there is a dark side to this great invention as well, for it is also a weapon of imaginable power.

“Now, please observe that the dome is golden in color. It is constructed from poured granite and lined with an organic material capable of containing the enormous energies accumulated inside.

“Watch now what happens to the top portion of the dome.”

Ec-Kar returns to the panel, makes an adjustment at the controls, and the image reacts. Slowly, an opening appears in the top center of the dome and a green light flow into it from above.

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