Atlantis Checklist 3

No traces of elephants have ever been found on Thera or Crete, except perhaps for certain imported ivory objects. The same holds for Antarctica. According to the archaeological issues discussed above we marked our Checklist as follows:

Positive (V): Plato, the Indies, North Africa, Libya and African Northwest.

Doubtful (?): Sunken Atlantic Island, Scandinavia (and North Sea), Celtiberia.

Negative (X): Thera (Crete) and Antarctica, where no traces of elephants or mammoths have ever been discovered.

14) Evidences of Cataclysm (Flood)

Few facts are as well recorded in geology as the Universal Flood. It is sufficient to read Buffon, Cuvier, Buckland, and other such pre-Darwinian Catastrophists to verify how ample the evidence of a universal cataclysm is everywhere. The modern Catastrophists the geologists that have the guts to disagree with the official Uniformitarian doctrines of Darwin and Lyell have even more compelling evidence on this universal cataclysm. Indeed the end of the Pleistocene 11,600 years ago was attended by terrible mass extinctions and cataclysms the world over.

The date is precisely that given by Plato. To believe that this coincidence is purely random borders the irrational. Some 70% of all species of great mammals and a whole series of lesser ones got extinct then. Even the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons seem to have perished in that cataclysm, as they became extinct at or about that terrible date.

But, it is in North America that the evidence of an immense Flood cataclysm is the most evident. Many geologists have recognized that geological features such as the scablands of the Northwestern United States, that the drumlins of the northwestern plains of Canada and that the whales of the region of the Great Lakes, in the very heart of the North American continent, are the result of a gigantic flood of continental scale.

Some geologists, unfamiliar with the details of the problem, ascribe this continental flooding to a gigantic lake formed by the meltwaters of the Pleistocenic glaciers when they receded at the end of that geological age. But experts such as Dr. Warren Hunt and others have shown the practical impossibility that the giant amounts of glacier meltwaters could have been dammed by ice dikes, for this material lacks both the strength and the adhesivity to withhold so much water.

The only possible explanation that makes sense is that of a sudden maritime invasion caused by a giant tsunami of global proportions, as some geologists are now starting to realize. Everything points to the fact that this giant wave came in from the Pacific Ocean via the north, across the Arctic Ocean. It passed over Alaska and northwestern Siberia where it left the evidence of the frozen mammoths and the immense quantities of “muck” formed by diluvial debris such as whales, marine organisms, dead fishes, splintered trees and many other such records. Then, it created both in its wake and in the subsequent gradual withdrawal of its waters the drumlins and the scablands we presently observe in that vast region of the world.

As concerns the legends of the Universal Flood. The memories of the Flood are the actual imprint left by the cataclysmic end of the Ice Age on the minds of men. There are few things so well attested in myths and traditions as the cataclysm of the Flood and the destruction of Paradise it caused in the dawn of times. Its tradition is as universal as is the geological evidence for itself. Of course, the actual accounts differ from place to place for, evidently, the actual experiences and visions of the cataclysm also changed from place to place.

Some of these relations tell of maritime invasions by the giant tsunami along the Pacific Coasts, rains and tempests further away, sky darkening everywhere. They also speak of earthquakes and volcanic conflagrations near the epicenter of the cataclysm, in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, and so on.

An objective analysis of all these many descriptions of the Flood and the destruction of Paradise by the agency of Fire and Water reveals that the cataclysm in question can only have been the drastic ending of the Pleistocene Ice Age. Again, an unbiased analysis discloses the fact that this cataclysm was caused by a huge volcanic explosion that triggered a sort of chain reaction.

The event in question took place precisely at the date stated by Plato for the demise of Atlantis, that of 11,600 BP. To believe that these are sheer coincidences or, contrariwise, that the Flood was a petty local cataclysm wildly exaggerated by the ancient “primitives” is a view that cannot be held anymore except by the hardiest of diehards. The reality of Catastrophism in Geology has now been established beyond reasonable doubt by all sorts of factual evidence. So, the tenets of Uniformitarianism of Darwin and Lyell cannot reasonably be adhered to any longer by any sensible person on a par with the modern developments of Geology and Evolutionism.

15) Transoceanic Commerce

Plato affirms that one of the main features of Atlantis was the nature and intensity of its naval commerce with even the most distant nations of the world. The capital of the Atlantean empire was crossed by maritime canals which allowed the ingress of the largest ships and allowed their docking in its port facilities. In the Critias (114 d) Plato asserts:
“Because of the greatness of their empire, many things were brought to them [the Atlanteans] from foreign countries, though their land itself provided most of what was required for them for the uses of life…”
And Plato adds further below (Critias117 c) that:
“The canals and the largest harbors [of the capital city] were full of ships and merchants corning from all parts of the world who, from their large numbers, kept a multitudinous rumor of human voices and a din and clatter of all sorts both night and day.”
Many authorities have noted the close resemblance of Plato’s Atlantis and Homer’s Phaeacia, the distant golden realm visited by Odysseus (Ulysses) in his wanderings in the Outer Ocean.

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