Atlantis Checklist 3

The one invention which allowed all others was that of agriculture, the supreme legacy of the ancient Atlanteans to us. It was agriculture that allowed the fixation of Man to the ground, and guaranteed the availability of food with far less labor than that required in hunting and gathering foodstuffs.

Agriculture created the surplus time for thinking and for the development of inventions and creations that allowed us to rise over the other beasts of the field. But when we talk of agriculture and of animal domestication we cannot forget that these activities were only rendered possible by the artificial creation of species and strains of a very particular nature. Such developments require the use of advanced genetic engineering quite like or even superior to the modern ones.

With its peculiar arrogance, modern science has been utterly incapable of creating even a single example of domesticated plant or animal beyond the ones we inherited from the dawn of times, the epoch of our Atlantean forefathers. Many of these plants and animals in particular the dog, the pig, the goat, maize, wheat, barley, cotton, coconuts, pineapples, yam, potatoes, bananas, grapes and many others existed both in the Old and in the New World.

Moreover, many of these responded by the same name on both sides of the world. Who else but the Atlantean Sons of God could have created them and brought them to the other distant nations of the world? This is precisely what the holiest traditions of all peoples claim, the world over. Why would they all lie such a crucial issue as this one? Moreover, when we seek the true place of origin of all these magnificent creations of men or gods, we verify that they have been always present and apparently came from nowhere.

The specialists are hard put to tell the date and the place of their origin, and their researches push them all, evermore, towards the Far East, the true place of origin of agriculture and of civilization. Other sciences that clearly prove the existence of Atlantis are those of Astronomy and Geodesy. Some ancient maps of the world, such as those of Piri Reis and of Oronteus Finaeus, embody an uncanny knowledge of the whole world that could not have been obtained at all without a sophisticate system of cartography and geodesy.

And this, in turn, requires an advanced knowledge of spherical trigonometry, of logarithms, of projective geometry and of related sciences. Moreover, this precision mapping requires the use of very accurate instruments like chronometers, telescopes, sextants, armilary spheres, and so on, for the determination of the stellar coordinates and of the position of the observer at the time of observation.

The creation of such instruments again requires an advanced science and technology in fields such as optics, metallurgy and materials science. Who else but the Atlanteans could have possessed this technology so early in time? The same amazing precision and superior science obtains in the case of Astronomy.

The ancients knew but clearly lacked the capability for having discovered such facts about the two moons of Mars, the twelve of Jupiter, the ten of Saturn. Moreover, they knew of the heliocentricity of the Solar System, of the nine planets, and the rings of Saturn, as well as of the fact that Sirius, the largest star in the sky, has a invisible twin of extremely high density.

These and many other astronomical facts can only be observed with very large telescopes and very refined observational techniques. Such instruments and techniques could only have been developed by the Atlanteans and by no other nation, barring extra-terrestrials and angelic powers.

The ancients were also capable of calculating and effecting stellar alignments of an amazing precision.

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