Atlantis Checklist 3

In the traditional account we have the legends and myths like those on wonderful flying machines like the vimanas and the vahanas of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. These holy books talk of airships capable of carrying entire armies; of weapons (agniastras) that can only have been firearms and of explosives that, like the atomic weapons, were able to wipe out entire cities.

They tell of talking machines capable of making forecasts and of allowing the viewing of distant persons. They also speak of teleportation, of telepathy, of levitation, of transmutation of the metals, of the effortless erection of megalithic buildings and structures such as the Great Pyramid. Such “magical means” bespeak of a superior science and technology. Furthermore, those sacred traditions even suggest the use of genetic engineering to create the domesticated plants and animals, if not a sub-species of men intended for specific purposes like that of “serving the gods”.

Superior metallic alloys such as stainless steel, bronze and brass (“orichalc”) have existed from remotest antiquity. And no one has been able so far to give a satisfactory account of the epoch of their invention or of their place of origin. Where else but in Atlantis, the true site of the Garden of Eden?

Crucial inventions like the domesticated plants and animals, the alphabet, scripture, paper, gunpowder, metal-casting and smithing, brewing and distillation, medicinal drugs, electroplating, lenses, telescopes and eyeglasses, stone cutting and shaping, and a myriad such “magical creations” apparently came to us from nowhere. In the official accounts, they came from an unlikely “China”. But China was itself civilized, as were most ancient nations, by the Hindus. The Hindus, in turn, claim to have been civilized by the Atlantean Nagas. Are they all indeed telling a lie or the truth? And why would the ancients all be lying?

In our opinion, the greatest achievement of the ancient Atlanteans lay in the social and metaphysical sciences: Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, Law, Mythology, Psychology and so on. Whoever studies in depth the true scope of Greek philosophy as expounded by philosophers such as Plato, Pythagoras, Aristotle, Epicurus, Zeno, Thales, Anaxagoras and several others will not fail to realize that their esoteric doctrines all root in the Hindu darshanas (philosophical systems).

The profundity of these Indian sciences so far surpass the ones of the Occident that it is only as the result of being blinded by ethnocentrism that our experts have failed to realize the fact that our religions and our philosophical systems all came to us from the Orient. Now, this could only have happened in the dawn of times, precisely as our Holy Books and our sacred traditions maintain. All these “Hindu” doctrines, in turn, root in ancient treatises ascribed to legendary authors of ante-Diluvian times which can be none other than those of Atlantis itself.

Religion too perhaps the greatest of all creations of Man can only have originated in Paradise, that is, in Atlantis itself. This is easy to see not only in the ancient traditions of its revelation by gods or angels or superior beings (Atlanteans), but also by the fact that all religions stem from a single source, the Urreligion (or “Primeval Religion”) envisaged by certain specialists of genius such as Mircea Eliade and Rene Guenon.

Mythology is yet another Atlantean creation that provides the archetypes and the exemplary models of behavior and mentality that we all follow rather blindly and instinctively during our lifetime. Most myths deal with Atlantis and Atlantean matters, and enmesh serendipitously with the eschatological doctrines of our religions.

Where else but in destroyed Atlantis could myths such as those of the Flood or that of the Millennium and the rebirth of the Celestial Jerusalem (Atlantis) have originated? Who else but the Atlanteans could have diffused myths such as these to the whole world, including the remotest corners of the Amazon jungle and those of Indonesia and South Asia?

The fact is that all supreme inventions the ones that turned Man into something more than an ape or a ravening beast came to us from Atlantis, in the dawn of times.

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