The Whirling Mountain of the Navajos 2

Moreover, they also loved and inseminated the daughters of such monsters, engendering humanity from the semi-bestial apish creatures that then peopled the earth.

These Fallen Angels are no other than the Atlantean Sons of God, the Civilizing Heroes that we encounter in essentially all mythologies of the ancient nations, both in the Old and in the New World. Why would our forefathers invent such a myth and build their religions around them if they were just a lie, an invention of some sort? Saviors such as Christ, Mani, Buddha and Krishna among others, are deemed real, historical personages.

The Saviors of all religions are indeed replicas, real or not, of the Heroes of old, they too Sons of God by a mortal, and combining both natures, like Christ and Krishna. When we go back in time, this endless succession of Saviours ultimately end in Flood heroes such as Manu and Noah, the very ones who founded the present era. And the Flood is indeed no other thing than the cataclysm that foundered Atlantis, in the dawn of times. Hence, we see that, in fact, the Civilizing Heroes are personifications of the Missae (or Messias), the Celestial Messengers that came out from Atlantis, that is, from the sunken Paradise turned into the Land of the Dead of the ancient traditions.

The Island of Fire and the Island of the Sun

The Civilizing Heroes of both the Old and the New World were the luciferine Dravidas of South India, Burma and pristine Indonesia, the true site of Eden. As we said above, the “indigenism” of the Amerindians was, like their “savagery” and their incorrigible “irreligion”, merely a contrivance of the Whites in order to justify the genocide of their elder brothers of America, whose land and wealth they burningly coveted. These pristine Dravidas were the Atlantean “Reds”, called by precisely that epithet in nearly all traditions.

Eden, the Terrestrial Paradise, was indeed Indonesia and, more exactly, the sunken portion of it which we identify with Lemurian Atlantis. In fact, Indonesia is precisely the “Island of Fire” that is associated with Atlantis in the ancient Gnostic traditions. Indonesia derives its name from the Greek Indos-nesos, meaning “Indian island”. But the word “India” derives, like the name of Eden, from a Sanskrit radix indh (or endh or edh) meaning “fire”.

So, the true etym (or etymon or etymology) of the name of Indonesia is “Island of Fire”, as we just said. But the above radix is also associated with the idea of “sun” (Drav. endi, eddi), so that “Indonesia” is also the “Island of the Sun”, another frequent name of Atlantis in esoteric traditions. Eden, the Terrestrial Paradise, was indeed the Lemurian Atlantis that was the Great Mother of gods and men. Her wonderful “Son” (or “Twin” or “Lover”) was the second Paradise, the Indian Atlantis, built in the Indus

The Meaning of the Navajo Sandpaintings

We finally reach a position where we can usefully interpret the Navajo sandpaintings. This sophisticated form of artistic expression they learnt from the Pueblo Indians, along with the arts and techniques, as we detailed above.

We hope that, by now, the dear reader who followed us patiently up to here, is at least half convinced that the Amerindian myths and religions are essentially the same as those of the Old World, particularly insofar as the esoteric message is concerned. And, if he bears with us to the end of the present chapter he will, we are sure, be as fully convinced as we were ourselves when we first discovered the true meaning of Hindu and Amerindian mythology and their intimate connection with the secret history of Atlantis.

Of course, the underlying meaning of the Amerindian myths is very difficult to penetrate. It is perhaps even more difficult than their Old World mythical counterparts. After all, the Amerindian myths are, like the ones of the Old World, part of the secret of the Mysteries. So, if they were easy to pierce, they would be no Mysteries, and would require no Initiation at all.

But, even without fully understanding the inner meaning of the ancient myths and religious traditions, it is readily apparent that they all derive from a single, unique source of diffusion. The agreement in form, in detail and in significance transcends all possibility of a random coincidence. And the forms are so sophisticate, so close in all details, and so transcendental as to preclude all sorts of collective archetypes possibly engraved in the human unconscious, in the way proposed by Jung and Eliade and, a little bit less fancifully, by Freud and his school.

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