The Whirling Mountain of the Navajos 2

One such is a famous fretwork of Hindu origin consisting of a four-pronged star encircled by an octogon. The four-pronged star is indeed a pyramid (Mt. Meru) seen from above, in plant. The four faces of it are indented, like in the Great Pyramid and in that of Mykerinos, so that the pyramid becomes a four-pronged star. The encircling octogon represents the circular Oceanus which surrounded Atlantis. The endless succession of such encircled pyramids represents the infinite succession of the eras along time.

A very similar motif is the so-called dogtooth fretwork. It consists of a repeated series of four-sided pyramids in relief, each having the faces indented like those of Mt. Meru and the Great Pyramid. The idea is, again, identical to the above one. Other similar decorational motifs are used by the Amazonian and others Indians from South America in their sieves and other basketry. The colors they use are usually the ones of the Hindu four varnas (red, black, white, yellow), obtained by using fibers of different colors.

Again, their preferred motifs are those of pyramidal Mt. Meru seen in plant as a four-sided star or a cruciform mountain. These clever Amazonian designs date from an immense antiquity, as attested by the ceramics found in the island of Marajó and elsewhere. Moreover, they closely correspond to similar vase decorations found elsewhere in the Americas and, indeed, all over the world, as we illustrate in detail elsewhere.

There can be little doubt that this decorational motif represents one and the same thing and, hence, derives from a single source. In fact, they are all variants of the mandalic representation of Mt. Meru, the Holy Mountain of Paradise. And, when we pause to reflect on their meaning, we see the reason why they are called mandalas or yantras.

The word yantra means “device for thinking” in Sanskrit, whereas mandala (“wheel “) is indeed related to the radix manas (“mind”), and implying the idea of “device for reminding”. In other words, the mandalas or yantras such as those under discussion are devices for meditation on the Paradisial events and, more exactly, on the destruction and sinking of Atlantis by the memorable explosion of its Holy Mountain.

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