The True History of Atlantis 2

The itineraries of Greek heroes such as Hercules, Jason, Ulysses and the Argonauts are all absurd when placed in the Mediterranean or even in the Atlantic Ocean. But they all make a lot of geographical and mythical sense if we place them in the Indian Ocean, as we should. And that is indeed what we do, in other more specialized works of ours on this fascinating subject.

Likewise, the Titan Atlas and his mountain, Mt. Atlas, were placed just about everywhere, from Hesperia (Spain), the Canaries and Morroco to the Bosphorus and the Far Orient, at the confines of Hades (Hell). The result was a profusion of Atlantises and of Pillars of Atlas (or of Hercules) that makes no sense al all. Indeed, the two heroes who personified the World s Pillars represented the two Atlantises we discussed further above. They are personified as Atlas and Hercules, the primeval Twins whom we encounter in all Cosmogonies.

In Plato s dialogues concerning Atlantis (the Critias and the Timaeus), Hercules is called Gadeiros or Eumelos, names that correspond to something like “Cowboy” or, rather “Fencer of Cattle”. This name is a literal translation of that of Setubandha, the Sanskrit appellation of Indonesia. This name is due to the fact that Indonesia indeed “fences out” the seas, dividing the Pacific from the Indian Ocean.

The Ultima Thule, the Twins, and the War of Doomsday

Indonesia was, as we said above, the Ultima Thule (or “Ultimate Boundary“) of the ancients, the last frontier which should not be crossed by the navigants. There lay the Pillars of Hercules and of Atlas, the two primordial Twins. In another guise, the two correspond to the twins of Gemini (Castor and Pollux), directly derived from the Ashvin Twins of the Hindus. In Egypt they corresponded to Seth and Osiris, and were commemorated by the two obelisks posted at the entrance of Egyptian temples.

Hercules is, of course, a Phoenician deity (Baal Melkart), in turn derived from Bala or Bala-Rama (“the Strong Rama”), the twin brother of Krishna. Bala means “Strong” or “Strength” in Sanskrit, being called the same (Bias = “Strength”) in Greek and other tongues. Krishna is the World s Pillar, clearly the personification of Atlantis.

More exactly, the Twins personify the two races of blondes (Aryo-Semites) and brunets or “reds” (Dravidas), fated to fight wherever they meet. Both shades are originally from Eden (Lemuria), the primordial Paradise where humanity originally arose. Osiris, the Egyptian god, also played the role of Cosmic Pillar (Djed), a role he shared with Seth, his twin and dual. But this mythical symbolism ultimately derives from that of Shiva as the Sthanu, the “Pillar of the World” and that of Shesha (or Vritra), the Cosmic Serpent who was the archetype of Seth-Typhon.

The Battle of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness

The Twins like the Devas and Asuras of the Hindus and the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness of the Essenians are always the personifications of the two races that dispute world hegemony since the dawn of times. It was their war, according to Plato who calls them “Greeks” and Atlanteans that led to the destruction of Atlantis.

There is no reason to doubt that the great philosopher was indeed transmitting ancient traditions faithfully. For, we are starting to learn all over again that global wars can indeed lead to the world s end. In fact, it is the same endless war that menaces us now as it did at the dawn of times. This frightening reality is told in the Ramayana, in the Mahabharata and in the Iliad, not to mention the other myths and traditions.

But the war of Atlantis is also the War of Armageddon narrated in the Book of Revelation. This war is in reality a repetition or replica of the worldwide, primordial battle between Gods and Devils. These mighty beings were the same as the so-called Titans (or Giants) in Greece. Their war was, as Plato and his commentators explain in detail, the same as the one of Atlantis.

Armageddon means (in Hebrew) the same as Shambhalla (in Sanskrit), “the Plains of Gathering”. There the armies of the world will gather, in the end of times, for “the war that is to end all wars”, for it will close the Kali Yuga. The perspective indeed seems frighteningly real, doens t it indeed? Fables or Reality? Religion or Profanity? Science or Superstitious Nonsense? We are inclined to believe that our ancestors spoke in earnest, and that the war of Armaggedon and the end of the world are fast becoming all too real possibilities.

Are Mars and Venus a Celestial Example?

We do not want to seem alarmists, as our message is indeed one of hope and salvation, and not of “Bible thumping”. The recent discovery of vestiges of extinct life in Mars brings a memorable lesson that is worth detailing. Earth has been, in the past, the victim of countless catastrophes that nearly wiped out Life altogether. These cataclysms were due to different causes such as cometary and asteroidal falls or volcanic cataclysms bringing on or off the Ice Ages. Not impossibly, wars such as the War of Atlantis and the Battle of the Gods can have indeed happened in a far, utterly forgotten past that lives on in our myths and holy traditions from everywhere.

Perhaps our wars just continue these and others that possibly took place on Mars and Venus, destroying Life there, if not in other Solar Systems as well.

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