The True History of Atlantis 2

It may even be the case that Big Bangs and Creations are indeed cyclic processes that recur periodically, just as the traditions of the Hindus on Cyclical Eras affirm in detail. The extinction of the dinosaurs, and the origin of the Moon pulled out of the Earth by a planetoidal impact are instances of such sobering cataclysms. Thousands of giant craters as large as those on the Moon, though almost effaced by erosion are still observable on the earth, as scientists are starting to discover. Hundreds of times in the past we have had massive extinctions of Life on earth.

Many times in the past our world nearly became as “empty and dark and devoid of form” as at Creation, when God reshaped the earth for the last time. The Uniformitarianism of Darwin and Lyell is no more than a naive belief in the Panglossian doctrine that “all things only happen for the better, in the best of all possible worlds”.

Fossils and extinctions are here to prove, just as do Geology and other sciences, that Catastrophism is a feature of Nature as much, and possibly even more, than Uniformitarian phenomena. Thousands of Apollo and Amor objects swarm across earth s orbit, ready to strike us at a moment s notice with a force of a million Megatons and over. The idea that God favors humans “above the beasts of the field” is just our own naive, self-centered notion of what God should look like. More likely, He regards all Life as sacred, as His own handiwork, if He exists at all. That is what Nature indisputably demonstrates in practice all the time.

Mars, with its dead residues of Life, with its oceans empty and dry, with its terrible dust storms sweeping across the endless void and devastation, is here to prove to all that God or, as some will, Nature or Mother Earth sometimes loses his/her temper and extinguishes Life altogether. This almost happened at the Flood, as the myths tell us. The victimizing of Atlantis perhaps because they sinned, perhaps because they warred almost took the rest of us along. Venus is another instance, in reverse, that planets can indeed die and become as sterile as the Moon. And perhaps, earth itself was just “reset back to zero” some four billion years ago, when the Moon was pulled out of it by a giant meteoritic impact of planetoidal size.

Atlantis and the Illusion of Darwinian Uniformitarianism

As we just said, Darwin s Theory of Uniformitarian Evolution is just an illusion of die-hard scientists. What the world presents us daily is an endless series of ever larger cataclysms, ranging from atom smashing to the Big Bang. We recently watched a comet hitting Jupiter and opening a gash on that planet as big as the whole earth. Mars shows all signs of having been hit by a planetoidal sized body, which opened a huge crater on one side and pushed up Olympus Mons on the opposite one. Perhaps it was this cataclysm that extinguished Life on the Red Planet. Venus too presents vestiges of similar catastrophes. Perhaps we are only stranded here on earth, fated to become extinct when our allotted time expires who knows when?

Life is an illusion, as all things, as the Hindus teach us. According to them, even the gods eventually die, and are replaced by better, more evolved godly forms. An illusion is also the suprematist theory that affirms that Civilizations first arose in an Occidental Atlantis that never was, out of Europoid stock. But Civilization evolved at a time when the whole of Europe was almost fully covered by a mile thick glacier that rendered survival very meager and scant.

Plato s Atlantis is, in contrast, described as a luxurious tropical Paradise, bedecked with metals, horses, elephants, coconut, pineapples, perfumes, aromatic woods and other features that were an exclusivity of India and Indonesia in the ancient world. Was the great philosopher dreaming, or was he indeed basing himself on Holy Books now lost in the bonfires of the Holy Inquisition ?

The Atlantic Atlantis is an illusion too, just as are the Cretan, the African, the American, the North European and the Black Sea ones. The true Atlantis, the archetype of all other Atlantises is Indonesia, or rather, the extensive sunken continent rimmed by this island arc. It is there that we had Plato s “innavigable seas”, the same one mentioned by navigants such as Pytheas, Himilco, Hanno and others. It was this primordial Atlantis that served as a model for the second Atlantis the one of the Indus Valley as well as for the myriad other similar Paradises that we encounter in all ancient religious traditions and mythologies.

The Krakatoa Volcano and the “Innavigable Seas” of Atlantis

Another central, unique feature of Atlantis were its seas, rendered “innavigable” as the result of the cataclysm, as reported by Plato and other ancient authorities. As we mentioned further above, the seas of Atlantis were innavigable because they were covered thick with giant banks of floating, fiery pumice-stone. This pumice was ejected by the giant explosion of volcanic Mt. Atlas, the one which caused the foundering of the Lost Continent..

A similar phenomenon indeed happened in a far lesser scale, but one big enough to be one of the world s largest catastrophes at the explosion of the Krakatoa volcano that we mentioned further above.

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