The True History of Atlantis 2

The Many Aspects of God

As we just said, myths work at several levels, and a parallel such as the Atlantean one is just a facet of God s myriad aspects. In other words, volcanoes are manifestations of God s power, the weapon he often chooses to castigate the nations and to force Evolution to follow its course. The Hindus call this force by the name of vajra, a Sanskrit word meaning both “hard as diamond”, as well as “thunderbolt”. The vajra is the thunderbolt weapon used by almighty gods such as Baal (Hercules s archetype), Zeus, Indra, Haddad, and a myriad others. In fact, God is neither the vajra nor the volcano, but the force behind it, its impeller and wielder.

For the vajra is indeed the flail of the gods, the Celestial weapon He uses in order to quicken Evolution and to stir Nature into action, in the endless parade of lifeforms that characterizes Life. Perhaps all this has a purpose in the divine conscience, though I don t really know for sure. But there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Catastrophism is God s way, if He indeed has any. Moreover, it is also Nature s way, let no one doubt it. The ancients well knew that, and so do I, having learnt from them. For instance, they often portrayed the vajra as a flail or a lash, or even a hammer or a mace wielded by the god in order to stir Nature into action.

Gods like Christ are not the only ones to die and to rise again from the dead. By the way, Christ too is the wielder of the “iron rod”, the hardest of metals being a metaphor for “diamond” and, hence, for the vajra. Christ was preceded by many aliases, and the conception of “dying-resurrecting” gods akin to the Sun of Justice dates from oldest antiquity. Among the many archetypes of Christ we can mention, offhand, Osiris, Attis, Tammuz, Adonis, Shiva, Kronos, Saturn, Dionysos, Serapis, Mithra and, of course, Krishna, in his infinite series of avatars, and Hercules, the great hero, in his fiery apotheosis that figured the Atlantean Conflagration.

1 Tektites are glass beads and concretions resulting from giant meteoritic (or cometary) falls or, perhaps, from gigantic volcanic explosions as well. These collisions scatter tektites far and wide, as in the above case. The ones in question are called Indochinites, in an allusion to the region where they abound the most. The Indochinites were dated at 700 kyears (one kiloyear = one thousand years). The explosion of Lake Toba took place 70 kyears ago. The even larger one of Lake Taupo took place at some 100 kyears ago or so.

These giant explosions which all occurred in the region of Indonesia, volcanically the most active in the whole world are easily large enough to trigger an Ice Age. However, whether one is indeed caused depends on other conditions, probably dictated by insolation and other variables, astronomical or not. As we just said, the region of Indonesia has literally hundreds of active or dormant volcanoes, and has been very little researched so far, due to its remoteness.

Further research of the Indonesian region will, now that its connection with the birthplace of Mankind is being pointed out, certainly confirm the reality of what we are claiming. Our research is based on very detailed local traditions and is the fruit of many years of study of the myth of Atlantis-Eden from a scientific though unbiased, point of view. We push no religious, scientific, philosophic or mercenary point, and our interest lies soley in establishing Truth. As the Romans used to say, Amicus Plato, magis amica Veritas.

Copyright 1997 Arysio Nunes dos Santos

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