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Likewise, “husband” apparently means “house-bound”, which we indeed become when marrying. No, I am not complaining. Just noting and actually enjoying the soft, inescapable trap. But I, personally, keep dreaming of Shiva, naked, dirty, roaming free, and loving and being loved by all the females.

A Myth From the Mahabharata

A myth from the Mahabharata (13: 40: 3) tells how the jealous gods created Woman in order to loose the mortals:
I will tell you, my son, how Brahma created wanton women, and for what purpose. For there is nothing more evil than women. A wanton woman is a blazing fire. She is the illusion born of Maya, the sharp edge of a razor, a poison, a serpent and death all in one.

The first men were full of dharma, as we have heard. Afraid that they would become gods themselves, the gods became alarmed. They went to Brahma… who created women by means of a ritual magic, so that they would delude mankind.

Now, the women of the former era had been virtuous. But these were sinful witches who arose from the creation act performed by the Prajapati. The Grand-father endowed them with all desirable things that Desire can desire. These wanton women, lusting for sensual pleasures, began to stir up desire in the males.

Then the lord of the gods, the Great Lord, also created Hate in order to assist Desire. And all creatures fell prey to the power of Desire and Hate as they became attached to women.

Maya, the Archetype of Hephaistos

In the above myth, it is not dificult to discern the antecendents of the ones told above concerning the seduction of the Sons of God by the Daughters of Man. Maya is the artificer of the gods, the actual archetype of Hephaistos. Here, as in the Greek myth, the Devil is is the fashioner of Woman, for the explicit purpose of losing men. Mayâ (feminine) is also the Power of Illusion, the main charm of feminine mystique. Maya (masculine)is also the fashioner of Lanka and the patron of the evil rakshasas.

Here, Maya is more or less identified with Brahma Prajapati, who is also claimed to have created Woman when he split in two halves, as we told further above. The charming, irresistible nymphs of these traditions pervade all ancient mythologies. They seem to have originated in the Apsaras (or Nagis, or Naginis), the Naga females who populate Hindu traditions such as the ones we commented further above. The Apsaras are also identified to the Kinnaris, the females of the Kinnaras and the Gandharvas, themselves the archetypes of the legendary Satyrs and Centaurs of Greek traditions.

Rather than a legend, these mythical people were deemed very real in antiquity, particularly in the Orient, where their legend originated. When we stop to think it over, we cannot fail to realize that the Hindu traditions in fact embody the secret traditions on Atlantis in mythified form. Misunderstood by the other nations, they were deemed to be false, a figment of the imagination of the superstitious Hindus. And these, bent on hiding their secret, actually encouraged this belief of the arrogant Westerners.

The idea seems to be that evil women are the rakshasis (female devils) of Lanka, who moved into Aryan territory after their Paradise was destroyed by Rama and Hanumant. The myth expressly states that former women those of the Atlanteans’ own kind were virtuous and chaste, and presented no danger to the piety (dharma) of the former males. But those women created by Brahma and/or Maya were seductive and wanton, as well as luscious and irresistible. They stirred not only desire, but also hate, certainly in the form of jealousy, of domestic quarrels and of the dispute for heritage between the “Lunar” and the “Solar” offspring.

The myth on the two types of women is highly reminiscent of the one of Judeo-Christian legends concerning Eve and Lilith. Eve is the evil, fair nymph, seductive and irresistible. Her guiles doomed Adam along with all of us, their offspring. The other woman is Lilith, dark, somber and hateful, for she became jealous of her triumphant rivals.

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