The Horse Sacrifice (Atlantis in the Indies) 4

Of course, this story has nothing to do with race, as the two are merely different aspects of the Great Mother, one benign and golden, the other one somber and hateful. And, as we showed above, we are, all of us mongrels, so that racial pride is sheer foolishness. This illusion is to be dispelled in the forthcoming Millennium, when the reality of Atlantis becomes more fully understood.

Venus, Paris and Helen of Troy

The Hindu story just told is also reminiscent of the Greek myths on Pandora and on Helen of Troy, which correspond to it. In the Greek myth, Venus, Minerva and Hera, the three great goddesses, dispute the prize of beauty among themselves. Paris gave the prize to Venus, seduced by her offer to give him Helen, whose face “launched a thousand ships”. Paris got his prize, but the result was the destruction of Troy by the Greeks, as a revenge for his rape of fair Helen.

The story of Paris kidnapping Helen and taking her to secluded Troy which is later attacked and destroyed by the avenging husband closely parallels the plot of the far earlier Ramayana. Rama, Shita and Ravana are the archetypes of the cuckolded Menelaos, and of Paris and Helen. Hence, it seems reasonable to equated Troy = Lanka, for the parallels are too many and too close to be due to chance. More exactly, Eve and Lilith correspond to homely Minerva and fair Diana. The former is Solar, but somber, the second Lunar, but bright. Hera too, with her untiring jealousy and Zeus, all the time falling prey to the charms of fair mortal women are also a reflex of the Hindu myths such as the ones commented above.

In Hindu myths, Brahma is the first victim of his own irresistible creation, for he falls in love with Woman (Ushas or Dawn). This leads to the Primordial Incest, to the castration of Brahma and to all evils that ensued, as we related further above. Shiva too also fell victim to Woman, for even gods are submitted by the charming little creatures. The full story is told in the Kalika Purana, which we comment in our book on Atlantis, to which we refer the interested reader.

A Woman Behind Every War

We see how, in every case, Woman was the cause of doom. Helen, of Troy; Shita, of Lanka; Gandhari of Dvaraka; Eve of Eden; Pandora of Epimetheus; Ushas of Brahma, Kali of Shiva, and so on. As the ancients used to say, there is a woman behind all wars and all disgraces. In the ancient world, wars were often waged for the purpose of kidnapping women. Such was the case with the Romans and the Sabines. The Romans tell this story as true, earnest history. But this mercurial people had a tendency to blend myth and fact, as some historians have already noticed.

In all probability, the ancient relates of wars waged to rustle cows were indeed intended to procure women for raping and slavery. Female slaves were useful not only as lovers, but also as breeders of slaves. For the children were born in bondage, and automatically became slaves and prostitutes. Such kidnapped women were called “cows”, and were treated as whores and slaves. Slavery is a brutal fact of life, and was in widespread use down to the primordials of the present century.

Even today many primitive peoples the ones who best preserve the ancient customs frequently wage war on neighboring nations solely for the purpose of kidnapping women for use as breeding “cows” and prostitutes. The Amazonian Indians still to it, even today, as a regular, periodic routine. Unwittingly, they are also performing an useful sort of population control and natural selection. Indeed, it seems that whatever we do, we serve Natural Selection, this wide-encompassing theory.

Of course, nowadays, with all the wonderful progress of Mankind in recent times, wars are not fought for romantic purposes anymore, even if villainous like the one of Ravana.

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