The Horse Sacrifice (Atlantis in the Indies) 4

Instead, our wars are carried on merely for purely economic purposes, for sheer wantonness, or for reasons of religious intolerance. Imbued with bigotry, we sacrifice millions of innocent people for purely wanton purposes.

At the same time, we call “barbaric” the ancients and the primitives, who preferred to sacrifice mere animals or even a few humans to the gods, rather than the many millions of human creatures we immolate in the altars of bellicose Mars. The behaviour of the ancients was, at least, far more logical than ours. Their sacrificial victims were the aliases and scapegoats of the two Atlantises, sacrificed by the gods in the Primordial Sacrifice.

For it was apparently the sacrifice of the two Atlantises that taught the ancients how much the gods love the smell of burnt sacrifices of both human and animal flesh. It was thus that Noah, Utnapishtin, Atharvan and others primordial sacrificers learnt the custom of sacrifice, from the Primeval Ashvamedha of Atlantis. By watching the gods relish at the smell of the smoke that rose from the great funereal pyre which Atlantis had been turned into by the great conflagration that caused the Flood.

Copyright 1997 Arysio Nunes dos Santos

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